Political Science

The Political Science Department offers four graduate degree options: The M.A., the M.A.-Security Studies Track, the Master of Applied Politics (M.A.P.), the MAP/Juris Doctor (J.D.). The M.A. allows for concentrations in American politics, International Relations/Comparative politics, and Criminal Justice.  The M.A. - Security Studies Track is a program of study that prepares students for work in national security and diplomacy careers. The M.A.P. program prepares students for work in the real world of politics. The M.A.P./J.D. allows students to study the practical aspects of politics while also getting a law degree at the University of Akron. You can find more information about the graduate programs at the Political Science Department site.

Admission Requirements

Three letters of recommendation and a personal statement are required. The Graduate Committee examines applicants' college courses and grades. Applicants with undergraduate degrees or post baccalaureate work will be granted full admission if they have at least a 3.0 G.P.A. (out of 4.0) overall or 3.0 G.P.A. for their last 64 hours of course work and 3.0 G.P.A. in political science course work (or course work in major for non political science majors). No student will be considered for conditional or provisional admission to the program unless s/he has at least a 2.75 overall G.P.A; or at least a 2.75 G.P.A. for the last 64 hours and a 2.75 G.P.A. in political science (or course work in major for non political science majors).

Application Deadline

Applications to the master's program in Political Science are accepted on a rolling basis.

Additional Information

The MA requires 30 credit hours of graduate work including six required seminars, two additional seminars, and six additional graduate credits in political science. Students are required to write an Essay of Distinction and to take comprehensive exams to fulfill degree requirements at the end of the program.

The Department of Political Science also offers a Master's of Applied Politics in coordination with the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. You can find admission information for this program here.

Assistantship/Scholarship Information

Not all departments offer graduate assistantships. Students should inquire with the department directly to determine assistantship availability.

Financial Aid Information

Paying for college is a vital part of the education process. It is important to be informed of the many sources of aid available. Student loans are available to degree-seeking graduate students. Information on student loans can be found through the Office of Student Financial Aid. The Office of Student Financial Aid is located in Simmons Hall.

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fees schedules can be found through the Office of Student Accounts.

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