Family Studies: Home Based Intervention Certificate

Home Based Intervention Certificate

About the Certificate

This certificate compliments undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various departments and colleges. 

This course of study coordinates multidisciplinary training of personnel in home-based intervention and helps to meet the need for trained professionals in home-based intervention.

The program consists of a concentration in current theoretical knowledge and practice in home-based intervention. It adds another dimension to the knowledge and skills you're able to offer in the many professions that relate to services to at-risk children and their families.

You must hold an undergraduate or graduate degree to pursue this certificate.

  • If you have an undergraduate degree and will not seek a graduate degree, you may pursue the certificate in the post-baccalaureate program
  • If you already hold a graduate degree, you may be admitted to the program as non-degree graduate students
  • If you are currently pursuing your graduate degree, you will receive your certificate upon completion of the requirements for your graduate degree

How to apply:

  • Apply to the Graduate School
  • Separately apply to the program by contacting the School of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Interview with the director of the program in Home-Based Intervention

Contact Information

Dr. Pamela Schulze
Director of Center for Family Studies