Nurse Anesthesia Certificate

Nurse Anesthesia Certificate

The Post-Master's Nurse Anesthesia certificate program prepares Registered Nurses to become Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and requires 27 months of concentrated theory and clinical practice. The program is built upon a core of biophysical sciences, pharmacology, principles of anesthesia, and professional role issues. Graduates of the program are prepared to deliver all types of perioperative anesthesia care to patients of all ages in a wide variety of health care settings and
are eligible to take the National Certifying Examination. The program consists of 18 credits of graduate-level course work upon completion of required prerequisites and approximately 1000-1500+ hours of direct anesthetic management.

For information concerning Phase I required prerequisite courses (22 credit hours), please contact the College of Nursing, Graduate Program, (330) 972-7555.

Admission Requirements

  • Hold an MSN degree from a professionally credentialed nursing program
  • 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale for the master's degree
  • GRE (800 or greater on verbal and quantitative; 3.5 or greater on analytical) or MAT (greater than 50) taken within the last five years
  • Current Ohio state licensure as a registered nurse
  • Recent one-year experience in adult critical care
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Interview
  • Prerequisite course: 3470:661 Statistics for Life Sciences
  • Admission into the Nurse Anesthesia Certificate program is competitive and acceptance is decided by a voting of the members of the admissions committee

Application Deadline

Applications to the Nurse Anesthesia (Post MSN) Certificate program are accepted on a rolling basis.

Assistantship/Scholarship Information

All assistantships (and any fellowships) are awarded through the academic department. Students interested in obtaining an assistantship must apply. New students may indicate on their online application for admission that they would like to be considered for an assistantship. Current students must contact the academic department for application information. Each department may have different requirements for assistantship applicants, so all students should contact the academic department to determine these particular requirements. Only those students fully admitted to a master’s or doctoral degree-seeking program are eligible for a graduate assistantship. Students admitted as non-degree seeking or to a certificate program may not hold an assistantship.

Financial Aid Information

Paying for college is a vital part of the education process. It is important to be informed of the many sources of aid available. Student loans are available to degree-seeking graduate students. Information on student loans can be found through the Office of Student Financial Aid. The Office of Student Financial Aid is located in Simmons Hall.

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fees schedules can be found through the Office of Student Accounts.

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