Orientation for online learners

Orientation (for enrolled students)

If you are enrolled in an online course, you will be automatically enrolled in orientation about one week before the term begins.

  • You will receive a notification email when you have been enrolled in the orientation
  • Login to Brightspace using your UANET ID and password to complete the orientation

Orientation for Guests (not yet enrolled students)

Use this information if you are considering whether an online course is a good option for you.

Sampling our orientation can help you decide, please note a few items:

  • This orientation is designed to look the same as a real online course
  • You will find many useful topics geared toward helping you understand what it means to be an online student
  • Read through the information and take the quizzes to find out if online learning is right for you
  • Diving into Brightspace orientation should take 30 to 60 minutes to complete

See below for how to access the orientation as a guest.

How to login to Brightspace (as a guest)

  1. Login to Brightspace with the following username and password:
    • sbguest (username)
    • sbguest (password)

    The University of Akron brightspace login

  2. The University of Akron login to brightspace

    Enter the Classroom

    When logged into Brightspace, look at the center of the page:

    • Find the box titled My Courses
    • Then click on Diving into Online Learning

  3. Navigate

    You have now entered the orientation classroom. Familiarize yourself with the environment by using the buttons below the Brightspace logo to navigate throughout the classroom.

    The University of Akron login to brightspace

  4. The University of Akron login to brightspace

    Complete the orientation

    • Select Course Materials (see image above)
    • Click on the Content tab (Table of Contents)
    • Click on Welcome to begin the orientation

What to know about online at UA

The University of Akron online student working

Start dates:
Online courses at UA begin and end on the same semester schedule as on-campus classes. Assignments and tests have their own specific deadlines. Although you do not have to travel to campus to attend courses, you must log in often to stay on track with due dates and to successfully complete each course.

Why take online courses:
You will find that our courses delivered completely online via Brightspace, provide you with the same quality content as face-to-face courses while using technologically advanced methods and still providing a high level of interaction with your instructor and classmates.

How to succeed online at UA