Addendum to 2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

Updated Departmental Contacts: 

Title IX - Policy Information and inquiries concerning the application of Title IX
Michelle Smith, Title IX Coordinator, ASB, Room 125C, (330) 972-5146  

Requirements for Graduation:

A student who expects to receive a second associate degree must earn a minimum of 15 credits in residence which have not counted toward the student’s first degree. This total is one less than listed in other parts of the undergraduate bulletin. 

Changes to curricula:

Effective January 16, 2018

New courses:

2235:201 Police Academy: Administration and Legal
2235:202 Police Academy: Homeland Security
2235:203 Police Academy: Traffic
2235:204 Police Academy: Practicals I
2235:205 Police Academy: Practicals II
2235:384 Intelligence: Cyber and Homeland Security
3400:292 Global Societies: Africa
3400:296 Global Societies: Latin America
3400:297 Global Societies: Middle East
3700:401 Advanced Topics in Research Methods
3700:447 Counterterrorism
5610:456 Inclusive Field Experience: Moderate/Intensive
6600:336 Marketing Research Lab
6600:446 Social Media Marketing
7600:429 Advanced Strategic Social Media

Course Changes:

2220:282 Digital Forensic Imaging changes to 2235:282
2230:206 Fire Sprinkler System Design - prerequisites are removed
2280:261 Baking & Classical Desserts - course name changes to Baking Fundamentals and credits change to 3
2420:263 Professional Communications and Presentations - prerequisites are removed
2440:402 Troubleshooting Complex IP-based Networks - credits change to 4
2920:245 Mechanical Design II - 2920:101 added as prerequisite, 2920:243 changed from corequisite to prerequisite,
and 2880:140 removed as prerequisite
2920:346 Mechanical Design III - 2820:310 is removed as prerequisite 
3700:445 Al Qaeda - course name changes to Al Qaeda and ISIS 
3700:446 Intelligence and Counterterrorism - course name changes to National Security Intelligence
4600:310 Fluid Mechanics I - 3450:223 is added as a prerequisite, 3450:335 is removed as a prerequisite
4600:337 Design of Mechanical Components - 4900:336 is added as an option to satisfy the prerequisite
4600:380 Mechanical Metallurgy - course name changes to Introduction of Materials Science and Engineering
4600:483 Mechanical Engineering Measurements Laboratory - course name changes to Measurements Laboratory 
5610:453 Special Education Programming: Moderate/Intensive I - credits change to 3
6400:492 Internship to Corporate Financial Management - course name changes to Internship in Financial Management
6600:205 Marketing Principles - 3250:200 Principles of Microeconomics added as corequisite
7750:264 Addiction and the Family changes to 7750:469 Group and Relationship Counseling in Addictions
7760:474 Cultural Dimensions of Food - 7760:250 is added as a prerequisite
8200:336 Concepts of Professional Nursing - credits change to 3

Removed Courses:

2420:170 Applied Mathematics for Business

Effective May 21, 2018

Course Changes:

2280:120 Safety and Sanitation - credits change to 2
5550:456 Research Seminar - course name changes to Evidence Based Practice and Research Applications and credits change to 3
6600:492 Direct Interactive Marketing Practicum - 6600:445 is removed as a prerequisite

Removed Courses:

6600:445 Creative Laboratory