Center for Child Development Fees

Fee DescriptionPeriodAmount
Registration (Fall through Summer) (Non Refundable)$75 per child
Insurance (Fall through Summer)$35 per child
Enrollment (Preschool and School Age --Full Day)
University Full-Time, per week$205
Community Full-Time, per week$210
Part Time - 3 days/week (M,W,F)$160
Part Time - 2 days/week (T,R)$115
Schedule Changes
One ChangeNo Charge
Subsequent Changes$5.50
Toddler Program
University Full-Time, per week$230
Community Full-Time, per week$235
Part Time - 3 days/week (M,W,F)$172
Part Time - 2 days/week (T,R)$123
Activity Fee (Fall through Summer)$75 per child
Field Trip T-Shirt$15
Late Pick-up Fees (for children who are not picked up by the Center's stated closing time)
1 - 15 minutes after closing$25
16 - 30 minutes after closing$50
Late Fee Payment (assessed if weekly tuition is not paid by the second school day your child is in attendance during the week)$10/week
Family Discount (given to the older child when more than one child from the same family is registered full-time)10%

*Vacation Credit: After a 3 month attendance, regular full-time families with full year (12 month) attendance qualify for 2 weeks vacation credit. other full-time attendance less than 12 months qualifies for 1 week credit. Only 1 week may be used during the fall and spring semesters combined, the 2nd week may be used during the summer session.