Training Center for Fire and Hazardous Materials

The Training Center for Fire and Hazardous Materials brings the University, government and industry together into one comprehensive regional center to integrate educational programs, fire and hazardous materials training and other applications of fire and safety technology. The Center is chartered from the Division of EMS and offers all State Certified Classes for firefighter certification. The Center employs 190 certified Emergency Services Instructors to fill any training requirement for municipal and business and industry. The center coordinates seminars and workshops presented by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Fire Academy, the Division of State Fire Marshal and other related organizations. Training in all phases of hazardous materials containment and fire prevention and control is provided under contract to various municipalities, industries and agencies. The programs are supported by the faculty of the Fire Protection Technology degree program and the Emergency Management degree program in association with other state and nationally recognized professionals. The Training Center serves a multi-county area, having partnerships with the Medina County Career Center and offering all levels of Fire Classes at the Medina County University Center.

Website: Training Center for Fire and Hazardous Materials