Student Employment Opportunities

The Office of Accessibility offers several employment opportunities for students. We employ students at UA as accessibility assistants, notetakers, lab assistants, and student support assistants. Job descriptions for each position are listed below. Any job openings in the Office of Accessibility will be posted on Handshake.

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The Accessibility Assistant assists the Office Manager with everyday operations of the front office, as well as works individually with students to help provide services. The Office of Accessibility seeks to create an environment in which student employees (Accessibility Assistants) can learn valuable skills and knowledge that they will utilize in both day-to-day office operations, and in their future careers. We are interested in hiring candidates who can gain experiences that will help them be successful in their future careers.

The Office of Accessibility seeks to hire Accessibility Assistants interested in working 10-20 hours per week (depending on that semester’s coverage needs). Our ideal candidate would also be available to work during the remainder of the academic year at least and would continue to work in the Office of Accessibility until their graduation from The University of Akron. The Office of Accessibility seeks to hire students that are in fields of study and/or have career aspirations that stand to benefit from the unique experiences had and skills developed through employment in the OA.


  • Customer Service: Provide exceptional customer service for parents, students and campus community in a timely manner using all resources to assist client’s questions
  • Administrative Duties: Responsible for answering phones, filing, copying and recording confidential files
  • Student Service: One-on-one interaction with students with disabilities as a reader and/or scribe
  • Student Service: Train and support students with disabilities on adaptive technology and software
  • Student Service: Process alternative format requests and convert textbooks to alternative media
  • Recruitment: Assist Notetaking Coordinator with recruitment of notetakers
  • Computer Skills: Provide technological support in the form of troubleshooting and assisting students, satisfactorily learning and using multiple computer programs.
  • Learn about the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act in higher education

Required Qualifications

  • 2.7 Cumulative GPA
  • Excellent interpersonal and conflict management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Responsible, conscientious, and reliable
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of the office
  • Ability to provide polite and friendly customer service and display a positive attitude
  • Ability to work in a team setting, and make valuable contributions to team efforts
  • Strong willingness to learn new things, particularly regarding computers and customer service
  • Must be able to read aloud test questions written in English in a way the average person is able to understand them.
  • Must be able to write and/or type quickly and legibly as a scribe.

 Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience using Microsoft Suite
  • Experience working with individuals with disabilities
  • Experience answering inbound phone calls
  • Experience working in an office setting

Student support assistants (SSAs) for the Office of Accessibility (OA) serve in an as-needed capacity for various disability-related office roles, such as exam proctoring for students taking exams in the OA, peer mentorship, notetaking recruitments, and equipment trainings.  The role of a SSA is defined through four roles: proctors (i.e. exam reader or writer), PASS program mentors, aiding in notetaker recruitment, and completing equipment trainings.

SSAs will serve as readers and scribes for students who have requested to utilize a reader and/or scribe for their accommodated exam. SSAs serving as readers will read the exact words written on an exam to a student who has requested a reader for their exam. When serving as a scribe, SSAs will write exactly what a student who has requested a scribe for their exam dictates to them.

SSAs serving as Peer Assistance for Support and Success (PASS) program mentor work directly with students registered with the Office of Accessibility during virtual appointments to aid students with academic difficulty through tips and strategies to improve time management, organization, communicating with peers and/or instructors, notetaking, etc. SSAs may also serve as a student connection to resources and provide information on how to get involved on campus. Next, SSAs may be asked to attend class sessions to recruit a notetaker on behalf of the OA. Lastly, SSAs may complete equipment (e.g., SmartPen) trainings with students.


  • Must be a sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student
  • Preferred GPA: 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Ability to read aloud clearly, and for long periods of time
  • Ability to write legibly and quickly
  • MUST demonstrate mastery of college ready skills
  • MUST be punctual, flexible, and maintain great attendance
  • MUST be able to work during finals week
  • MUST have availability of at least two-hour blocks of time; three-hour blocks of time preferred
  • MUST be able to maintain high levels of confidentiality
  • MUST be able to read and speak test questions written in English in a way the average person is able to understand them

Notetakers are students that are hired to take notes in their classes, for a student with a disability. Notetakers must attend all class sessions and provide reliable, comprehensive notes to the student. The notes need to be provided to the student within 24 hours after class. Notetakers will receive a stipend at the end of the semester for providing notes to the student.

To sign up to become a notetaker for the Office of Accessibility, please follow the steps outlined here (

A lab assistant is responsible for providing assistance during a lab or studio class to a student with a disability in order to safely complete the essential tasks of the lab/studio. The lab assistant will take direction from the student, and only performs tasks as directed by the student. The lab assistant is not responsible for providing any additional support or services outside of scheduled lab/studio time. The lab assistant role can be filled by an undergraduate or graduate student, paid by the Office of Accessibility, or by a teaching/graduate assistant appointed by the instructor or department. Lab Assistants are hired only for a specific class, and are, therefore, terminated at the end of the semester. The Office of Accessibility will work directly with the instructor and department to identify a lab assistant. Openings for this position are typically not available on Handshake.