Testing Accommodations

Several basic accommodations are provided by our office regarding tests. They are:

  • Extended time
  • Distraction-reduced space
  • Test proctors
  • Use of technology on tests
  • Reader and/or writer

You have the following options available if you qualify for testing accommodations:

  1. Take the test with the class.
  2. Take the test with the appropriate accommodations by working with your instructor and agreeing on a time and place.
  3. Schedule your tests at the Counseling Center-Testing Services, if that is what is decided between the you and your instructor.
  4. Schedule your tests at the Office of Accessibility, if that is what is decided between you and your instructor.

Student Responsibility:

  • Students need to inform their instructors four business days before each test is scheduled that they will be using their testing accommodations.

  • If testing services are needed through the Office of Accessibility, students should request a test through STARS, Alternative Testing tab, four business days prior to the test.    

  • If a student requests a testing accommodation less than four business days before the test, we will attempt to fill the request based on availability. If there is no availability, students should contact their instructor and discuss possible testing options. Students can discuss with their instructor a different test date through our office or make testing arrangements with the instructor directly.

  • Increased Volume Times (Midterm and Finals Weeks) - Throughout midterm and finals weeks, we receive an increased volume of test requests. During these times it is strongly advised to make a test request weeks in advance due to limited availability. We will honor and schedule requests according to the date of the request. There is a distinct possibility that requests which are placed 4 business days in advance will not be scheduled due to availability.

  • Counseling Center-Testing Services: Students who are taking tests at the Counseling Center must schedule their tests in advance and make arrangements with their instructors. The testing proctor sheet needs to be filled out and submitted with each test.

  • Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation:  Students who are taking exams at Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation (CBA&E) must confirm with the instructor at the beginning of the semester that they will be using their exam accommodations. Students will need to provide Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation with a copy of their accommodation letter.  Students who need distraction reduced space for Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation must call 330-972-6511 to reserve the distraction reduced space testing room in Shrank Hall North Room 152.

Description of Specific Testing Accommodations:

The following is not an all-inclusive list.

Extended Time: Students who qualify for this accommodation will be allowed additional time on in-class tests. The specific amount of additional time depends upon the impact of the disability.

Distraction-Reduced Space: Students who qualify for this accommodation will be provided with a place to complete their tests that is distraction-reduced. We are unable to guarantee isolated space.

Test Proctors: Proctors can be made available to administer tests at the instructor's request. All testing rooms are equipped with security cameras that record all activity in a room during a testing situation.

Use of Technology: Students who qualify for this accommodation will be allowed to use technological devices in class (i.e. laptops, computers, CCTV, adaptive software) as they relate to their disability

Reader Services:

  • Readers will read test questions.
  • Readers can be asked to repeat information, so do not hesitate to ask.
  • Readers will only read what is on the printed page and cannot be asked to clarify or reword statements.
  • Readers need information from you to be effective. Let your reader know what reading tone, rate, etc. works best for you.

Writer Services/Scribes:

  • Scribes write down the student's answers to test questions.
  • Scribes will write down verbatim what you have dictated. The scribe is not responsible for organizing or paraphrasing your thoughts into a final draft.
  • At any time, you will have the opportunity to review what the scribe has written either by reading or having it read to you.
  • If there are corrections, you will direct the scribe to make them.

Please note: The Office of Accessibility is committed to maintaining the highest academic standards possible in the Office of Accessibility testing environment. In order to meet this goal, the Office of Accessibility utilizes a closed-circuit video system to monitor tests. If a student utilizes any unauthorized resources during a test, the Office of Accessibility will report the situation to the course instructor and Student Judicial Affairs.