Akron Zips achieving the American dream

Where can you go from here? Meet four proud alumni who say their Akron experience enabled them to reach the top of their fields and achieve the American dream.


Thriving on mentoring others, inspiring curiosity and discovery

Leaving Argentina for UA at age 16, Garzia learned "the beauty of calculus" here, and that led to a career that reached the highest levels of Microsoft.

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Inspired by family history to pursue justice

Judge Baxter applied to Columbia, Howard and Akron Law, and chose Akron because he felt his greatest opportunity would be here, as a Zip. It proved to be true.

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Started at Akron, starred on Broadway

Her dream of becoming a professional dancer drew Ziemba to UA. Then, a professor's teaching technique, discipline and life lessons prepared her for Broadway.

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From ‘humble roots’ to a powerful voice for women in leadership

Born in Italy and inspired at UA, Pianalto became president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland.

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