Five-year/accelerated bachelor's and master's degrees

Earn your undergraduate AND graduate degrees in less time and for less money!

Earn your bachelors and masters in less time at The University of AkronAt UA, you can complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in as little as five years.

During your senior year of select bachelor’s degree programs, you will complete coursework that counts toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degree. So, you can earn both degrees in as little as five years instead of the usual six or more years, while realizing significant financial savings.

If you are interested in the accelerated degree program, contact your academic advisor as soon as possible. (Log in to My Akron find your advisor’s contact information in your Student Advisor panel).


The following degree programs offer accelerated options:

Click below to see the degree program's webpage.


  • Cost savings of at least $4,000 — Pay for graduate-level courses at the undergraduate-level tuition rate
    • You may double count a maximum of 9 hours (at a cost savings of at least $4,000); these 9 double-counted hours are charged the undergraduate tuition rate resulting in the additional savings.
  • Faster time to graduation for students eager to start their career
  • Increased earning potential and career opportunities


  • Minimum cumulative 3.30 GPA in second semester of junior year
  • GRE not required

How to apply

Turn in your completed application and materials to your academic advisor. You should meet with your advisor prior to applying, if you need to find your advisor look in your My Akron Student Advisor panel.

  • Complete and submit your application form
  • Attach a letter of intent, which is a formal cover letter outlining your goals in applying for the accelerated degree program
  • Include two letters of recommendation from faculty


Sophomore year

  • Contact your academic advisor and express interest in the accelerated degree program
  • Participate in a Virtual Information Session in the spring semester
Earn your bachelors and masters in less time at The University of Akron

Junior year

  • Apply to the accelerated degree program

Senior year

  • Complete up to 9 graduate credits in your senior year.
  • Mid-way through your final undergraduate semester, apply to The Graduate School
  • Earn your bachelor's degree in your chosen accelerated degree field by the end of your senior year

5th year – master’s degree

  • Complete your remaining graduate courses
  • Earn your master's degree by the end of your fifth* year for most programs
    • Note: You must maintain the GPA standards and other requirements of your program (these may differ between programs)
    • *Some specific programs may take longer than five years.Those programs are still on an accelerated timeline and provide significant cost savings.

For more information

Please contact The Graduate School at with any questions you may have regarding the accelerated degree program.

If interested in the program, contact your academic advisor as soon as possible. Log in to My Akron and find your advisor’s contact information on your Student Advisor panel.