How to apply: Step by step

This section gives you information about the process to apply as a freshman—test scores, deadlines, requirements and application.

If you are (or will be soon) a high school graduate who has not been enrolled at a college or university, not including College Credit Plus or an Early College high school program, and you are a U.S. citizen, please follow these guidelines.

Step 1 – Admissions requirements and test scores

Freshman admission at the Akron campus is selective. See our admissions requirements for details.

When you register to take the ACT or SAT, mark that you want your scores sent to UA.

We also will accept your ACT or SAT test scores noted on your high school transcript.

Q: Is the essay required?
A: The essay is not required for the ACT or SAT.

Q: How does UA review test scores?
A: When considering students for admission, scholarships or the Williams Honors College, UA considers the best official ACT composite or SAT combined score from a single test administration. UA does not mix sub-scores from multiple tests.

Step 2 – Know our deadlines

This table show deadlines if you want to start in the fall (August). 

See deadlines for spring (January) or summer (June) starts.

Oct. 1 Earliest date to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the next academic year. How to apply.
Nov. 1 Early admission and scholarship deadline for the Williams Honors College.
Dec. 1 FAFSA submission deadline for priority awarding of federal student aid
Jan. 31 Private and endowed scholarship deadline
Feb. 1 Priority application deadline
Feb. 15 Regular admission and scholarship deadline for the Williams Honors College
March 1 Akron Guarantee Scholarship deadline for fall 2020 entering class: To receive automatic consideration for the Akron Guarantee Scholarship, you must be admitted and must have submitted standardized test scores (ACT/SAT) and high school transcripts by March 1.
April 15 College Credit Plus (Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program) admission deadline for summer and fall semester
May 1 Deadline to confirm your enrollment
May 15 Freshman housing application submission deadline for priority on-campus housing
June 1 Target date for the completion of the loan process:
Accept loan.
Complete master promissory note.
Complete entrance interview.
Aug. 1 Final admission and confirmation-fee payment deadline
Oct. 15 College Credit Plus (Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program) admission deadline for spring semester

Deadline for students who want to start next spring (January)

Admission and confirmation fee payment deadline, meaning your application, application fee, transcript and other required items submitted for admission review and decision, and your confirmation fee payment submitted, Jan. 3

Deadlines for students who want to start next summer (June)

Admission deadline, meaning your transcript, application fee and other required items submitted for admission review and decision, May 1

Confirmation fee payment deadline, May 15

Step 3 – Apply

You can apply to UA using the Common Application or the UA application. Select the option that is the right one for you. Submit only one application.

The application and all the required materials (Step 4) make up a complete application and must be received by the admission deadline.

Select your application:

Step 4 – Submit required credentials

These materials plus your admission application (Step 3) make up a complete application.

  • Official high school transcripts – Request that your high school counselor send your high school transcript, including your senior year coursework, to UA.
  • ACT or SAT test score results – Please see Step 1 for details.
  • $50 application fee or NACAC fee waiver

Semester start dates


Fall semester 2019: Monday, Aug. 26

Spring semester 2020: Monday, Jan. 13

Summer semester 2020: Monday, May 18


Fall semester 2020: Monday, Aug. 24

Spring semester 2021: Monday, Jan. 11

Semester dates

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