Values underlying our services

“Our mission is to educate, counsel, and empower students to make effective academic decisions as they work to fulfill their educational, career and life goals.”

The fundamental values of the advising services provided by The Academic Advisement Center are to educate, advocate, and empower students to make effective academic and career decisions.

It is our goal as academic advisers to facilitate the student’s decision making process, while clearly informing the student that this process still remains his/her responsibility as a student. The adviser/student learning relationship is established to be an engaging and challenging association, which supports the mutual trust and respect of both parties.

This learning relationship is maintained through regular contact with the students using all means available to us (i.e., face-to-face, e-mail, phone).

This on-going relationship is used to gain insight into the student’s academic and personal needs. Through the growth of this relationship the learning outcomes for the students will be achieved and our students will move on to the completion of their degree and become contributing members of society.


Learning outcomes for our students:

  • understand the university’s general education and pertinent degree-related requirements
  • understand the expectations of being a student at The University of Akron and the mechanics of class performance, grading, and the scholarly responsibilities of the academic experience
  • are proficient with using the student web for all activities related to enrollment
  • appreciate the value of out-of-class experience and are aware of opportunities for learning outside the classroom
  • are proficient at the goal setting and decision making processes that support the completion of their academic and career goals
  • develop an educational plan consistent with life goals
  • understand the critical balance between campus activities and life outside the University