The biomaterials theme focuses on the application of synthesis, processing and characterization to advance materials for use in health care, diagnostics, etc. Key aspects of the biomaterials theme include:

  • Expertise in biomaterials science from synthesis, characterization, processing and clinical evaluation
  • Design of biofunctional surfaces and materials
  • Processing of biomaterials through electrospinning, 3D printing, extrusion, etc.
  • Characterization of surfaces and interfaces
  • Fouling and bioadhesion measurements

The faculty expertise in this theme spans the spectrum from synthesis and design of new materials to the fundamental characterization of surface forces to long term aging, degradation and biocompatibility.

Key Capabilities

  • Custom resin synthesis and pilot scale-up
  • Small batch filament generation with API and small molecules
  • FDM and photochemical printing
  • Scaffold functionalization technologies
  • μCT imaging and print validation
  • ISO Biological testing of printed scaffolds

Theme Leaders

Dr. Abraham Joy
Associate Professor
Department of Polymer Science

Dr. Matthew Becker
Associate Dean for Research; Professor
Department of Polymer Science