Coatings & Adhesives

The coatings & adhesives theme focuses on the synthesis, formulation, application and characterization of coatings and adhesives for a variety of surfaces and interfaces. These include the translation of cutting edge polymer science to applications in coating and adhesives. Key aspects of the coatings & adhesives theme include:

  • Expertise in multifunctional coating technologies
  • Biomimetic design of functional surfaces and adhesives
  • Self-stratifying coatings
  • Characterization of surfaces and interfaces
  • Corrosion and electrochemical characterization

The faculty expertise in this theme spans the spectrum from synthesis and design of new materials to the fundamental characterization of surface chemistry to understanding of the engineering properties of these materials.

Key Capabilities

  • Automated reactor for scale-up of latex and polymer syntheses
  • Custom real time solution drying platform to track solidification of coatings
  • Continuous pre-pilot scale equipment for UV curable powder coatings
  • Suite of analytical tools for coating characterization (JKR adhesion, fracture toughness) including controlled environment systems

Theme Leaders

Dr. Nicole Zacharia
Assistant Professor
Department of Polymer Engineering

Dr. Mark D. Soucek
Department of Polymer Engineering