Energy & Electronics

The energy & electronics theme focuses on the development of new materials and processing route to advance materials in emergent energy and electronics applications. Key aspects of the energy & electronics theme include:

  • Full suite of expertise from synthesis to device physics for photovoltaic and photodetector applications
  • Range of battery technologies examined including Li ion, Li air, Li sulfur, Na ion, etc.
  • Novel processing for scalable fabrication of active materials for battery electrodes
  • Expertise in ion containing polymers

The faculty expertise in this theme spans the spectrum from synthesis and design of new materials to the fundamental device characterization to long term performance of materials.

Key Capabilities

  • Battery component evaluation (electrodes, separator, electrolytes, additives etc) and electrochemical characterization
  • Semiconductor device/materials characterization (FET, Memory)
  • Novel routes to conductive coatings (both transparent and non-transparent)
  • Customized polymers for battery system (binder, separator, additive) including nanocomposites with carbon nanotubes or graphene

Theme Leaders

Dr. Xiong Gong
Associate Professor
Department of Polymer Engineering

Dr. Steven S.C. Chuang
Director, FirstEnergy Advanced Energy Research Center; Professor
Department of Polymer Science