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Our applied and technical courses provide students with a comprehensive, flexible, liberal arts education. A large selection of general education courses in English, mathematics, and the social sciences also provides a solid foundation for every degree or career. Students who take our courses learn how to analyze information, formulate solutions, and communicate clearly and concisely.

The Department has a long history of hiring professors who focus on teaching and learning. As a result, its innovative faculty enhance classroom learning with special community projects, the use of multimedia technology, and/or activities that keep students engaged. The Department also honors its outstanding students and faculty every year at a spring semester reception in the Taylor Institute in the Polsky Building.

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Experiential learning opportunities benefit students and the greater Akron community

The Department has built strong relationships across businesses in our community. One continuing source of these strong industry ties is an English classroom — specifically — the Department's Technical Report Writing (TRW) classroom.

The TRW students of Kelly Webb-Bronstrup, an associate professor of technical writing and composition, spent a semester as members of various teams that createexperiential learningd brochures, and educational and promotional materials for the Summit County Historical Society, Freedom House for Women, Summit Education Initiative and Stewart's Caring Place.

The teams presented their service-learning projects to a panel of judges composed of community and University leaders as they competed to win $1,000 for a local nonprofit organization as part of the Pay It Forward student-led philanthropy program. The winning team, which worked on materials for learning kits for the Summit Education Initiative (SEI), is pictured above. They are, from left, Steven Holland, Matt Deevers (SEI), Taron Sloan, Kyle Hayes, Kelly Webb Bronstrup, Brandon Bell and John Lowry.

Students in the TRW course taught by Michelle Byrne, an assistant professor of technical writing and composition, have participated in various experiential learning activities. For example, some of them have visited Oriana House (a nationally renowned community corrections and chemical dependency treatment agency) to interview clients who need resumes to prepare for upcoming job searches. Byrne’s students then designed, wrote, and provided printed and digital copies of the resumes so the clients could use them now, and then revise and update later, as needed.

TRW students also have worked in collaboration with NASA Glenn Research Center on three projects. Webb-Bronstrup oversaw a project where students designed and wrote a NASA brochure. The other two projects were completed in TRW sections taught by Webb-Bronstrup and Dr. Michael Johanyak. Their students designed and wrote a new NASA Glenn resume sheet that was shared with government officials in Washington, D.C., and revised NASA Glenn's official Wikipedia Web page.

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Innovative faculty enhance classroom learning

AGTS honorees

Our innovative and interactive faculty use multimedia technology to enhance classroom learning. The Department of Applied General and Technical Studies (AGTS) honors its outstanding students and faculty every year at a reception held in the Taylor Institute in the Polsky Building.

Because the Department provides general education and technical service courses for many programs in the College as well as for other University of Akron colleges, the student honorees represent a wide range of programs and departments.