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Associate of Technical Studies (ATS)

What is the ATS?

The Associate of Technical Studies program is available for adult students whose educational objectives and interests cannot be met through one of the formal associate degree programs. This program enables students to combine certifications (institutional, state, national), earned through an educational entity or a place of employment, with general education courses to meet the associate degree requirements.

Who is eligible for the ATS?

Everyone is eligible to pursue the ATS degree if they have received significant certifications for educational and/or workplace training. Students can earn up to 30 technical credits towards the ATS based on the number of eligible certifications they hold.

Costs Associated with the ATS

  • No charges are assessed to have certifications evaluated for eligibility. It's free.
  • Regular tuition is charged for the completion of the general education requirements and any needed electives.

Learning Outcomes

Download the learning outcomes for the ATS.

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