Mathematics pathway model piloted here endorsed across state

December 5, 2017

The Ohio Mathematics Initiative (OMI) is an ongoing collaboration among mathematics faculty at the state’s public colleges and universities to keep math courses and curricula up to date and in sync with other disciplines.

Dr. Irina ChernikovDr. Irina Chernikova, a professor in the Department of Applied General and Technical Studies; and Dr. Kevin Kreider, a professor in the Department of Mathematics, are UA’s representatives in this process.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor has charged the group with developing pathways in mathematics courses to increase student success within the discipline, to increase the percentage of students completing degree programs, and to enhance the transferability of credits within the Ohio public system.

Dr. Kevin KreiderThe pathway model was piloted by UA and has been endorsed by all Ohio public colleges and universities. It includes a Quantitative Reasoning path for non-mathematical fields of study (Math for Everyday Life and Math for Modern Technology at UA), a STEM preparation path (Algebra for Calculus and Technical Mathematics II and III at UA) and a statistics path for social studies and allied health (Statistics for Everyday Life at UA). The goal is for incoming students to be advised into the proper pathway, tailored to their degree programs, to get them into or through their mathematical training as effectively as possible.

At the Nov. 3 meeting, attendees agreed that the new pathways are generating positive responses from students and faculty, report Chernikova and Kreider. See the Math Matters in Ohio video from the ODHE to learn more about the Ohio Mathematics Initiative.

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