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Students in a Radiologic Technology course at The University of Akron

UA Radiologic Technology Programs:

  • The University of Akron
  • Mercy Medical Center

A radiographer is a health care professional working in the field of radiologic technology who possesses the knowledge and skills to utilize diagnostic radiation to produce medical images of the human body. In addition to the University of Akron Radiography program, Mercy Medical Center (MMC) has a cooperative arrangement with the UA to obtain their Associate degree as well. Like the UA Radiography program, the MMC program also prepares graduates to perform radiologic examinations under a physician’s direction for the diagnosis and treatment of physical diseases and injuries. Supervision is provided by radiologists who are medical physicians who specialize in interpreting those radiologic images. The radiographer is also responsible for applying protective shielding on the patient and taking protective measures for themselves and all other personnel in the radiation area.

After graduating from the radiography program, a radiographer may specialize in one or more of the advanced radiologic modalities

  • PET imaging
  • angiography
  • cardiac imaging
  • sonography
  • mammography
  • nuclear medicine
  • radiation therapy
  • CT scanning
  • magnetic resonance
  • bone densitometry

The radiographer X-rays and works with healthy, sick and disabled people in emergency situations, hospitals, clinics, private medical offices,or industrial environments.

After successful completion of all the requirements for this program, and after being recommended by faculty of the University of Akron, a student will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Radiologic Technology.