Radiography School Admissions Policy


    A.    The University of Akron (UA) Radiography program's reputation as an outstanding medical education institution depends solely upon the contribution of our students.  To maintain our high standards of performance, the UA recruits and selects only the most qualified persons without regard to race, color, age, gender, national origin, religion, or disability.

    B.    This admissions policy of non-discrimination pertains to conditions and privileges of education, advancements, and terminations, thus a student's educational experience is based solely on merit and qualifications.  Questions regarding the UA equal opportunity policies and practices should be directed to the Radiography Program Director or the affirmative action coordinator in the UA Human Resources Department.

        1.    Any student desiring admission will find on the UA Radiography program webpages the following items:
            a.    Introductory page
            b.    Program Mission Statement, Goals & Learning Objectives
            c.    Information about the weekly UA information meetings
            d.    Associate degree requirements including the program admission general education (prerequisite)s
            e.    Downloadable application form and reference forms

        1.    To complete the application, the student must return before the application deadline:
            a.    the completed Application form
            b.    copies of all college transcripts
            c.    two (2) completed Reference forms
            d.    documentation of completing the mandatory shadowing experience
            e.    (optional) any other relevant documentation

        1.    Prior to the application deadline of February 1st, prospective applicants who have minimally returned the completed Application form will be e-mailed a checklist outlining the application materials that the prospective student still needs to return to complete the application process.  An e-mail will be sent to the prospective applicant documenting receipt of all of their required application materials.

    A.     STANDARDS
        1.    To be considered for an interview, the student must:
            a.    be academically eligible to attend classes at the University of Akron
            b.    have completed a mandatory shadowing experience at one of our clinical sites
            c.    have a minimum grade for qualifying courses of at least a "C" or a 2.0 grade point
        2.    have completed or will complete before admission the majority of the following mandatory general education (prerequisite) courses:
                (1)    Anatomy & Physiology I
                (2)    Anatomy & Physiology II
                (3)    Medical Terminology
                (4)    Mathematics requirement
                (5)    English requirement
                (6)    Speech requirement
                (7)    Social Science requirement
                (8)    Philosophy requirement
            b.    return all application materials before the February 1st application deadline

        1.    Due to the large number of prospective applicants who apply each year, an objective method for selecting the applicants for an interview was devised by the University of Akron (UA).  Each category of the Admissions process has been assigned a point-value.  Objective points are given for each of the following categories (see UA Radiography Application Selection):
            a.    cumulative collegiate grade point average
            b.    the eight (8) general education (prerequisite) collegiate courses
                (1)    points assigned are based on a standard 4-point scale (e.g. A = 4-points, B=3-points, & C=2-points, etc.)
                (2)    no points are given for general education (prerequisite) courses whose grade is less than a “C”

        1.    Selected Students - The points in these categories are tallied on the UA Radiography Application Selection Application Selection Guideline.  The prospective applicants with the highest total objective points are selected for interviews with the Admissions Committee during the months of February and/or March.  The Admissions Committee includes:
                (1)    UA Program Director
                (2)    UA Clinical Coordinator
                (3)    UA Allied Health Chairperson or their designate

        2.    Students Not Selected - Prospective candidates who are not selected for an interview are sent a "Letter of Non-Acceptance".

        1.    Each Admissions Committee interviewer numerically rates the candidates on the UA Admissions Committee Interview Ratings form.  Guidelines for evaluating the candidates are given to each committee member to help them in appraising each candidate (see Guidelines for Interview Rating).  The total number of subjective points from each Admission Committee member is listed on the UA Applicant Selection" form.

        1.    Each interviewed candidate's total objective and subjective points are tallied on the bottom of the Applicant Selection Guideline.  At no time does the subjective points ever exceed the objective points (the objective: subjective point ratios average out at approximately 77% objective points and 23% subjective points).  After all interviews have been completed the interviewed candidates are sorted into a descending numerical order for acceptance.  The Admissions Committee meets after all of the interviews have been concluded to review the final order/status of the interviewed applicants.  The top candidates are then sent a "Letter of Acceptance" requesting written, verbal, or e-mail confirmation within one (1) week.  If no confirmation is received or if an accepted student declines admission, then the next numerical candidate on the list will be notified.  When our class is filled, the remaining interviewed applicants will be sent a "Letter of Alternate Status".  The letter of alternative status grants admission into the program only in the unlikely event of the withdrawal of an accepted candidate prior to the start of classes in the summer.

Last revision date:    September/2017
Last review date:    March/2018