Radiography School Appeal Policy


The University of Akron (UA) Radiography program strives to provide all students with fair and impartial treatment in all Corrective Action procedures.  Sometimes, however, a student may feel that they were not treated in that manner and the Appeal mechanism offers the student an alternative manner that concerns can be addressed.  The decisions of the Appeal Committee are final.

When a Student Radiographer is given a corrective action by a program official for unsatisfactory clinical/didactic performances or for inappropriate conduct/behavior, a specific series of Corrective Action steps are followed (see Corrective Action Policy).  The Student Radiographer should exhaust all other forms of communication  with the program officials prior to considering to apply for an appeal.  Initially, the Student Radiographer should attempt to resolve the issue  between themselves and the program faculty that initiated the Corrective Action.  If the Student Radiographer is dissatisfied with that response, then they may review the Corrective Action with the Clinical Coordinator and/or the Program Director.

The Appeal Policy may be used only if the student wants to debate the application of a major Corrective Action; either a final/2nd written warning or a dismissal from the program.  If a student feels that they were dealt with unfairly or unjustly in either of those situations, they may decide to contest those Corrective Action actions by following the five (5) step appeal process.

    A.    STEP #1: Following the receipt of a Corrective Action session, the Student Radiographer has ten (10) business days to send a written request for a hearing to the UA Radiography Program Director.  The request must be sent by certified mail to the Program Director.  The failure of the student to request this hearing within ten (10) business days following the date of the receipt of the Corrective Action session shall be deemed a waiver of the student's rights to such a hearing and/or any appellate review to which they might be otherwise entitled.

        Throughout the course of the appeal process, the action taken against the Student Radiographer shall remain in effect.  For example, if a dismissal is being appealed, the Student Radiographer shall continue to be suspended from the program throughout the course of the appeal process.  And if the Appeal Committee reverses a dismissal Corrective Action, any missed program time must be made up through the standard methods of make-up time (see Attendance Policy).
    B.    STEP #2: Within ten (10) business days after the receipt of the request for a hearing, the Radiography Program Director shall schedule a meeting of the Appeal Committee to discuss, review, and rule on the merits of the student's appeal.  The non-voting Human Resources representative shall chair the Committee which (in addition to the HR representative) shall be comprised of a minimum of three (3) of the following members or their designates:

        1.    Human Resources representative - Committee Chairperson
        2.    Radiology Manager -  from a different clinical site than the appealing Student Radiographer
        3.    Clinical Instructor - from a different clinical site than the appealing Student Radiographer
        4.    University of Akron representative
        5.    Other Educational Faculty  - from other local Radiography or Allied Health programs

    C.    STEP #3: The Human Resources Committee Chairperson shall notify the Student Radiographer of the scheduled meeting, which shall be held not more than ten (10) business days from the date of the receipt of the request for the hearing.  Notice of the meeting shall be sent to the student by certified mail.

    D.    STEP#4: In addition to the non-voting HR Committee Chairperson, a minimum of three (3) members of the Appeal Committee (or their designates) must be present during the appeal hearing.  No member may vote by proxy.  The Student Radiographer may present their rebuttal in oral and/or written form, but must be present at the hearing.  Failure of the Student Radiographer to appear at the hearing without good cause shall be deemed a waiver of the right to appeal as stated in Step #1.  The UA Radiography Program Director and any other Clinical faculty shall also be present at the hearing to present the details of the basis of the action(s).  All proceedings of the hearing shall be recorded, the means of the recording to be at the discretion of the HR Committee Chairperson.  All documents introduced as part of the hearing shall be appended to the record of the hearing.

    E.    STEP#5: Upon completion of the hearing, the Appeal Committee shall notify the parties in writing of it's decision within five (5) business day of the hearing date.  The decision of the Appeal Committee shall be final.

    F.    POST-APPEAL: If a student believes that their concerns were not addressed properly, they may submit allegations of non-compliance directly to the JRCERT (see UA Radiography program Compliance Policy).  

Last revision date:    September/2017
Last review date:    March/2018