Radiography School Cell Phone Policy


    A.    The University of Akron (UA) recognizes that cellular phones and wireless devices have become a general means of communication within our culture.  However, there may still be potential risks of interference with medical instruments and other equipment as well as risks of HIPAA violations at your Clinical Education Centers (CEC).  Therefore, this policy provides the following guidelines for usage of cell phones and other wireless devices by students in specific areas of the CEC so that phone usage does not interfere with patient care or disturb family privacy.

    B.    Definitions:
        1.    Cell Phones – Any cellular telephone (digital, analog, AC or battery powered)
        2.    Wireless Device – any wireless device that uses cellular technology (e.g. a Blackberry, Treo, Palm Pilot, etc.)


    A.    Photo, video, audio recording, or texting with cell phones in any hospital-owned or leased facility is strictly prohibited.

    B.    Unless when using the calculator function in class, students shall not use personal cell phones, including texting, while in the classroom or during clinical hours.  Cell phones may be used only during break times or lunches within the CEC departmental break areas which are out of family/visitor line of sight and as designated by their Clinical Instructors (CI).  Students  may also use their cell phones in outdoor areas.  SEE YOUR CI FOR CEC-SPECIFIC GUIDELINES ON CELL PHONE USAGE.

    C.    Students may not use cell phones in the following medical or public areas:
        1.    Operating room
        2.    Walking bridges
        3.    Cafeteria
        4.    Vending areas
        5.    Conference or class rooms
        6.    Other areas not specifically noted above

    D.    Use of cell phones by anyone will be prohibited in areas where critical electronic equipment may be in use due to possible interference with such equipment operation (e.g. operating room, intensive care, etc.).

    E.    Use of cell phones or other wireless devices in critical care areas (e.g. Intensive Care Units, Emergency Room, etc.) shall be prohibited at all times.

    F.    Cell phone conversations can be heard by other individuals in public areas.  When holding such conversations, extreme care must be taken to ensure that the subject matter and the language used are appropriate and that the voice volume is well controlled.  Hospital business may never be discussed.

    G.    Students who use their cell phone shall do so in a manner respectful of everyone’s privacy.  No one shall use their cell phone in such a manner as to disturb those around them and, if the use is disruptive, may be asked by a CEC staff member to move to another area or discontinue use of the phone.

    H.    CEC-issued phones, handheld electronic record devices, Security department phones or radios, Maintenance Department issued equipment and other communication equipment issued during an emergency are exempt from this policy.

    I.    Students will aid with enforcement of this policy by informing patients and families of the above referenced restrictions and guiding them to locations appropriate for cell phone use.

    J.    Students who violate this policy will be subject to corrective actions up to and including termination.

Last revision date:    September/2017
Last review date:    March/2018