Radiography School Grading Policy


    A.    GRADING POLICY: A percentage grade of 2.30 GPA must be maintained for all UA Radiography didactic & clinical classes.

    B.    PROBATION: Any student who obtains a grade in any UA Radiography course between a 2.00 and a 2.30 will placed on academic probation.  They will be able to advance into the next semester, but will have only one (1) semester to bring their academics back up to the policy standard.  Failure to do so will result in termination from the program.

    C.    REINSTATEMENT: A student who obtains a grade below a 2.00 has not successfully meet policy and will not be permitted to advance in the program until the course has been repeated with a grade that meets policy.  Readmission is based on the following criteria:

        1.    Since the UA Radiography courses are only offered annually, the student must wait until the following year to re-enroll into that course.  However, when the grade in question is a clinical grade, readmission is based on space availability at one of the affiliated Clinical Education Center’s (CEC).

        2.    Any student, regardless of the reason to leave the program, will have a maximum of two (2) total attempts to complete all requirements of the UA Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology.  A third request to enter the program will be denied.

        3.    An "I" (incomplete) grade may be given for extenuating circumstances. To qualify, the student must have completed a majority of the course with a passing grade, and except for the emergency situation, would have completed the course.  These grades must be made up within the time frame agreed upon between the student and the UA faculty.


The UA program-specific Radiography transcript does NOT include any general studies, pre-requisite courses, or transfer credits.  The UA program-specific Radiography transcript will include:
●    Course titles
●    Number of credit hours
●    Number of contact hours
●    Letter grade for each course
●    Accumulative grade-point average for didactic & clinical courses
●    Semester and accumulative absenteeism
●    Semester and accumulative tardy occurrences
●    Quarterly & accumulative radiation records

CATEGORY          SCORE       GRADE        GPA
Superior              100-95          A              4.0
                            94-90          A-             3.7
Above Average      89-86          B+            3.3
                            85-82          B              3.0
Average                81-78          B-             2.7
                            77-74          C+            2.3
Below Average       73-70          C              2.0
                            69-66          C-             1.7
Substandard          65-62          D+            1.3
                            61-58          D              1.0

Last revision date:    March/2018
Last review date:    March/2018