Radiography School Privacy Rights Policy


    A.    Students have the right to examine their official student records upon written request.  After receiving the request, the program has forty-five (45) days in which to comply with the student's request.  If the student feels inaccuracies exist, the student may request that their educational record be amended by means of an addendum provided by the student.  In the case of a dispute regarding amending the student's educational record, the student is entitled to a hearing before the program's Allied Health Department Chairperson.


    A.    A student's educational record may not, by law, be released to anyone without their written consent except for:
        1.    program officials
        2.    educators
        3.    other programs in which the student wishes to enroll
        4.    authorized government officials
        5.    in connection with an application for financial aid

    B.    Unless a written consent is presented to the program officials from the student, parents, spouses, or guardians of the student may not receive grades or any other information contained in the student's records.  This also protects the parent's privacy rights, because students are not permitted to review the family's private financial statement(s) that have been submitted for financial applications.

    C.    To request records, either an e-mail sent to the UA Radiography Program Director or an Authorization for Release of Records form must be completed for grade reports, transcripts, and/or references to be released to any unauthorized person(s).

Last revision date:    September/2017
Last review date:    March/2018