The Department of Anthropology and Classical Studies offers an array of courses including introductory survey courses, advanced topical and methods courses, service learning and community-based research courses, and upper division seminars. The department offers a major and a minor in interdisciplinary anthropology, a minor in classical studies, and a certificate in field archaeology. Anthropology and Classical Studies at The University of Akron offers graduate level classes, but does not have a graduate degree program.





Students who study Anthropology and Classical Studies ...

  • travel to the Mediterranean and across Europe, Africa, and the Great Basin
  • participate in local digs
  • study human behavior
  • impact their local community through collaborative research
  • investigate research questions in museums and libraries around the world
  • transform their understanding of the present by studying the past 

Requirements for Anthropology majors

Classes in the department of anthropology are designed to give you a well-rounded experience in anthropology, classics and archaeology.