Course Schedule

Core Requirements for the Major

Offered every semester in multiple sections:

3230:150 Human Cultures (formerly Cultural Anthropology)
3230:151 Human Evolution
3240:100 Introduction to Archaeology

Offered on an annual rotation:
(The schedule will vary depending upon faculty availability.)

3230:357 Magic, Myth, and Religion
3230:359 Anthropological Theory  
3230:398 Introduction to Anthropological Data
3240:400 Archaeological Theory
3240:410 Archaeogeophysical Survey
3240:440 Archaeological Lab Methods


Other upper-division courses

3230:358 Indians of North America
3230:472 ST:Urban Communities and Health
3230:472 ST:Environmental Anthropology
3230:474 ST:History of Physical Anthropology
3240:313 Archaeology of Rome
3240:345 Egyptology


Other lower-division courses

3230:251 Human Diversity
3240:105 The Incas
3240:106 The Maya
3240:108 World of Homer
3240:111 Archaeology of Slavery