Anthropology majors and Classical Studies minors may apply for departmental awards for scholastic merit, or to conduct independent research with a faculty member. The goal of this program is to provide opportunities for students to learn how to conduct research and to gain professional experience in the field. Projects include, but are not limited to, participation in archaeological excavations, cultural anthropological field studies, classical studies research abroad, field schools, travel to meetings where the student is presenting a paper, and independent library research involving travel or significant research off-campus. Students should work with a faculty adviser to complete the required documents.

Financial Aid Information

For information on Financial Aid, please contact the UA Financial Aid Office.

Scholarship & Research Assistantship Recipients

Joshua Murphy AY2015-2016 Academic Scholarship

Nariman Younis AY2015-2016 Research Assistantship

Geniro Dingle and Angeline Ruiz Fall 2014 Scholarship

Jillian Bryson and Geniro Dingle AY2014-2015 Research Assistantship

Emily Holbrook and Megan Powley AY2013-2014 Research Assistantship

Sarah Stepnowski AY2012-2013 Research Assistantship in Anthropology. An abstract of her research is available by clicking on this link.