Faculty News

Dr. Michael Shott published an article in Quaternary International, an essay on the nature of the archaeological record in The Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology (Springer), and has three chapters in press, one to appear in Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Stone Age Weaponry (Springer, Berlin).  He edited an issue of World Archaeology (46[1]) on “Digital Imagery as an Analytical Tool,” and a book, Works in Stone: Contemporary Perspectives on Lithic Analysis (University of Utah), both to appear in 2014.  He attended a conference on “The Origins of Recycling: A Paleolithic Perspective” at the University of Tel Aviv in October, 2013.

Dr. Timothy Matney completed his 17th field season at the Late Assyrian city of Tushan, modern Ziyaret Tepe, in southeastern Turkey in summer 2013. His 2013-2014 publications include three chapters on ancient Ziyaret Tepe in edited volumes, and a paper on geochemical survey techniques in the Journal of Archaeological Science. He is currently president of the Akron-Kent chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Dr. Eugenia Gorogianni was recently awarded the Archaeological Institute of America Outreach Grant for the Akron/Kent AIA Chapter Outreach event “A Taste of Ancient Greece and Rome” ($3.000). Dr. Gorogianni's work and areas of interest include cultural contact in the Middle and Late Bronze Age Aegean. Publications include: Gorogianni, E. 2013. “Site in Transition: John L. Caskey, Ayia Irini and Archaeological Practice in Greek Archaeology,” Aegean Archaeology 10 (2009-2010), 105-120. And, Gorogianni, E. 2013. Review of Brogan, T.M. & Hallager, E. (eds.), 2011. LM IB Pottery: Relative Chronology and Regional Differences. Acts of a Workshop Held at the Danish Institute at Athens in Collaboration with the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete, 27-29 June 2007, (2 vols), Athens: The Danish Institute at Athens. http://www.aegeussociety.org/gr/index.php/aegean-book-reviews/lm-ib-pottery-review-by-gorogianni

Dr. Clayton Fant with B. Russel and S.J. Barker (2013), published the article "Marble use and reuse at Pompeii and Herculaneum: the evidence from the bars," in the journal Papers of the British School at Rome.

Dr. Carolyn Behrman was honored as The University of Akron’s best teacher, earning the 2011 University Teaching Award .

Mrs. Linda Whitman is our resident archaeologist and manages the Community Outreach Program (CAP).  She completed a major report on Gorge Metropark and is at work on similar projects for Liberty Park and Hardy Road.  The summer Forensic Field School she taught received major media coverage from local television and newspapers.