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Basic Elastomer/Rubber Technician Class

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Cost: $900.00 USD
CEU's: 1.6
Instructor: Bob Seiple

Course Overview

This hands-on course is designed for the entry-level rubber technician or as a review. The course will familiarize the student with formulation construction, discussion of compounding ingredients, operation of laboratory size mixers and mills, and sample preparation. Testing areas such as rheology, viscosity, physical testing, abrasion, and dynamic properties will also be covered. Safety will be key in all topics.

  • Introduction and course overview.
  • Definition of what makes a good lab technician. Production technician vs. research and development technician.
  • Safety
  • Overview of safety issues in the lab
  • Filler types. Brief discussion about carbon black types, silica, clay, other non-black fillers
  • Recipe construction. How to set up an excel spreadsheet for mixing in the lab
    • PHR definition and discussion
    • Single pass vs. multiple passes.
    • Order of addition. Chemical interactions and what to avoid in multi-step mixing.
    • Calculation of density (specific gravity)
    • Batch volume and fill factor discussion
    • Batch calculations for different Banbury types
  • Weighing of ingredients Scale types and resolution
  • Weighing implements and containers. Bags, cartons, trays
  • Lab Mixing
  • Banbury mixing.
  • Open mill mixing. Description, operation, maintenance
  • Time in APTC lab. Demonstrate mixing and milling techniques to the group.
  • Sample preparation for specimen preparation
  • Specimen preparation for curing
  • Curing specimens for different tests Test sheets for tensile, elongation, etc. ASTM D3182
  • Specimens for tensile and tear testing. ASTM D412 and ASTM D624
  • Specimens for compression set. ASTM D395
  • Specimens for durometer. ASTM D2240
  • Specimens for oven aging. ASTM D573
  • Specimens for fluid aging. ASTM D471
  • Testing Mooney viscosity / Mooney scorch. D1626
  • MDR / ODR curemeter
  • Physical testing. Tensile, elongation, modulus. D412
  • Physical testing. Tear. D624 Band C
  • Density. D297
  • Durometer. D2240
  • Compression Set. D395
  • Air Aging. D573. D865
  • DMA
  • DSC


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