*** Akron Polymer Training Services now offers remote learning training courses featuring live instructors. For more information, visit our Online Course Requirements webpage. ***

Customized Development and Delivery

The Akron Polymer Technology Services Training Division specializes in customized training developed specifically for your employees. Depending on your company's particular needs, our courses can be taught on site at your location, or at our state-of-the-art facility on the campus of The University of Akron. Many companies prefer on-site training to maximize their training dollar. This delivery method allows many employees to be trained without paying for their travel related expenses.

Our programs are designed to enhance on-the-job effectiveness for all professionals working in the polymer field. If you are experiencing difficulty with polymer related design or processing problems, contact us. Our reliable and dedicated staff will work with your team to develop a training strategy guaranteed to produce results. Contact us by phone at 330-972-8303 or e-mail at apts@uakron.edu. If you don't see what you need, no problem! We have the resources to solve even the most vexing polymer processing and design issues.

Custom Plastic Courses

  • Design of Plastic Part Attachments
  • Extrusion Processing
  • Introduction and Advanced Injection Molding
  • Plastic Design Considerations for the Automotive Industry
  • Plastic Product Design and Development
  • Plastics 101 (a must for all customer service and sales reps)
  • Practical Productivity
  • Troubleshooting the Injection Molding Process

Custom Rubber Courses

  • Rubber Extrusion Technology
  • Automotive Elastomers
  • Color Matching and Correction
  • Injection Molding of Elastomers
  • Principles of Color Technologies
  • Rubber Compounding for Performance
  • Rubber Technicians Training Course
  • Solving Problems in Rubber Compounding and Processing
  • Testing of Rubber Processability and Dynamic Properties