The University of Akron provides polymer and plastics engineers with the capability of performing various plastics processing techniques. These techniques include compounding, blending and mixing flexibility, using our co-rotating twin screw extruder, single screw extruder and brabender twin screws. The blown film line that can produce thin film sheeting for various plastics packaging applications. Our injection molding equipment is capable of producing research trial mini molded parts up to continuous plastic parts that meet ASTM standards. The vacuum and hydraulic compression molding presses are utilized for molding composite, rubber and plastics parts that can be applied, towards various industrial projects.

W&P ZSK-30 Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

  • 30 mm screws
  • 28.5 L/D
  • Equipped with ribbon die (1.5" wide x 0.05 thick)
  • 2 Cylindrical Dies, 0.12" in diameter; 0.4" diameter
  • Maximum Temperature 325°C

Milacron S Pak 75 Single Screw Extruder

  • 30 mm screws
  • 3/4 inch screw, L/D 24
  • Equipped with Capillary Die, Ribbon Die, Dual Strand Die
  • Max temperature 300°C

Brabender Prep Center

  • CEE6 Mixing Bowl
  • Banbury, CAM and Roller Blades
  • 200g capacity

Brabender Plasticorder

  • REE6 Mixing Bowl, Sigma, Banbury, Roller and CAM Blades
  • 40 - 80 g capacity
  • Single screw extruder attachment with strand die

Wayne Blown Film Line

  • Films can be blown in the 1 - 3 mil range
  • Max width 6-8 inches depending on material
  • Equipped with 3/4 inch screw, LD 24

DSM Mini Injection Molder

  • 2 heating zones
  • max temp 300°C
  • shot size approximately 12 cc

Van Dorn 28-80 Injection Molder

  • 28 Ton Press
  • Produces standard ASTM Tensile, Flex and Impact Bars

55 Ton Van Dorn Injection Molder

  • Produces standard ASTM Tensile, Flex and Impact Bars

Battenfeld 80 Ton Injection Molding Machine

  • Produces 4 inch diameter, 3/16 thick plaque

TMP Vacuum Compression Press

  • 35 ton, 300°C

Carver Compression Press (pictured on left side of photograph)

  • 4000 psi, 300°C

Wabash Compression Press (pictured on right side of photograph)

  • 20 ton, 300°C


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