*** Akron Polymer Training Services now offers remote learning training courses featuring live instructors. In addition to our courses held at the Akron Polymer Technology Services training center, we now offer courses that can be taken online from your home or office.

We want you to have a great experience participating in our remote (online) courses, and for that, you’ll need the right equipment and internet connection.

Minimum needs are:

  • A broadband internet connection that has at least a 2 Mbps upload and download speed.
  • A computer (PC or Mac) that can support the latest web browser versions.
  • At least 4 GB of RAM and adequate hard drive space.
  • A microphone and a speaker.

For more information, visit our Online Course Requirements webpage. ***

Client Testimonials

"This training was relevant to my job. The program was appropriately paced and held my attention. Overall this course rating was excellent."

Material Manager, GOJO, Understanding Plastic Materials Properties in Analyzing and Preventing Product Failure - May 2015

"Great overview of Polymers History, Chemistry and Applications"

Process Engineer, J M Smucker, Polymer Science for Engineers - May 2015

"Will highly recommend, interesting course material. Presenter answered all questions. Very knowledgeable."

R&D Lead, PolyOne / GSDI, Color Theory and Applications - March 2015

"This was a very good and informative course."

Process Engineer, Advanced Composites, Twin Screw Extrusion - March 2015

"Very High Practical Knowledge"

Training Manager, ALPHA Technologies, Basic Elastomer Technician Class - May 2015