Art History

Art History Fundamentals

The art history program in the Myers School of Art is for those fascinated by the potential of the visual arts to open windows onto other cultures, times, and places – and to offer a critical perspective on the world in which we live today.  In the Myers School, our approach to art history is interdisciplinary. We weave together political, intellectual, religious, and cultural contexts with close analysis of form in order to create nuanced understandings of historically important art objects. Art History students here work closely with faculty, often one-on-one, to develop strong verbal and written skills, to master the analysis and synthesis of evidence, and to become adept at presenting their work with clarity and precision.


The BA in Art History is a liberal arts degree that prepares students with the analytical and verbal skills demanded by a variety of 21st-century careers, and empowers them with the knowledge needed to enjoy a lifetime of active involvement in the arts.  Our majors pursue graduate studies in art history, arts administration, and library science in order to work as curators, educators, and archivists in galleries, museums, and university libraries.  An art history degree, when coupled with significant studio and chemistry coursework, offers a foundation for advanced study in arts conservation.


  • To aid students in broadening their knowledge of the monuments and principle artists of all major art periods across the globe.
  • To provide an understanding of select art historical topics with greater depth and precision.
  •  To help students develop competency using of the tools and techniques of art historical scholarship through active research and writing.
  • To facilitate familiarity with the creative process from direct, personal experience. 

Art History Faculty

Elisha Ann Dumser

Elisha Ann Dumser
Title: Associate Professor, Honors Research Advisor
Dept/Program: Art History
Phone: 330-972-8063

Gediminas Gasparavicius

Gediminas Gasparavicius
Title: Associate Professor
Dept/Program: Art History
Phone: 330-972-5963


Students are presented with a broad range of facilities and opportunities while pursuing their BA in Art History such as:

  • All UA students enjoy membership privileges at the Akron Art Museum, which boasts a permanent collection of American and European art since 1850, a dynamic schedule of temporary exhibits, and a specialized art history library.
  • Art History students also have opportunities to curate shows in the Emily Davis Gallery, Projects Gallery and other exhibition spaces in Folk Hall.
  • Experience art objects in person, every day in the Emily Davis Gallery, the Akron Art Museum, or the numerous museums and galleries in Northeast Ohio.
  • Participate in lectures and museum trips sponsored by AHA, the Art History Association, UA’s official student art history club.
  • Work closely with faculty to develop and present research in undergraduate symposia.
  • Develop grant writing skills and earn funding to support travel and research by applying for Myers School of Art administered scholarships and grants. 
  • Travel with other Myers School students in the Student Arts League each spring to New York City.
  • Take advantage of exciting internship opportunities to gain real-world experience and build your resume.

Sample Curriculum: