Assessment Forms and Templates

Assessment plan and report templates are available for all Academic and Co-Curricular Programs to use each year. Programs accredited by outside agencies may also opt to submit the relevant section(s) of their accreditation reports in place of completed templates. 

Academic Program Assessment

  • 2021 Plan Template (with Appendix)

    This template guides programs through the assessment process, beginning with the program goals and moving to the articulation of specific and measurable program-wide Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).  These outcomes are then plotted against the program’s core courses on a “curriculum map,” which serves as the foundation for a detailed plan for the assessment of each SLO over a four-year cycle. 

  • 2021 Report Template (with Appendix)

    This template allows programs to provide brief but detailed annual reports on the assessment process, results and follow-up actions related to each SLO.  

    Co-Curricular Assessment

    • 2022 Co-Curricular Assessment Plan Template

      Programs and units new to the assessment process are encouraged to use the plan template, which will help leaders determine which Co-curricular Learning outcomes best align with the programs being assessed and develop plans for the assessment of each LO selected.

    • 2022 Co-Curricular Report Template

      Programs and units that are already collecting data on student learning may choose to begin with the report template, which allows leaders to summarize and interpret the data collected, identify opportunities for continuous improvement suggested by these results, and explain what actions they plan to take in response. 

    General Education Program Assessment

    Please note that the assessment of General Education Programs is handled directly by the General Education Program. Please visit the General Education Program for further details.