Gender-neutral bathrooms

Each building below is marked with a letter. On the map below, the letters show each building's location. Or you can follow the hyperlinks to see the location on an interactive campus map.

A. Administrative Services Building – Across from Room 146

B. Auburn Science and Engineering Center – Across from Rooms 2, 261 and 460

C. Ayer Hall – First and second floors

D. Central Hower Community School – Room 314

E. Crouse Hall – Rooms 219 and 323

F. Goodyear Polymer Center – Second floor

G. InfoCision Stadium – Rooms 100C and 160A

H. McDowell Law Center – Rooms 372 and 373

I. Polymer Engineering Academic Center – Second floor

J. Student Recreation and Wellness Center – Rooms 115A and 116B

K. Student Union – Rooms 121 ,223 and 331

L. Whitby Hall – Second and fourth floors

Map showing the gender-neutral bathrooms on The University of Akron campus