College Advancement Council

Members of the Advancement Council for the UA College of Arts and Sciences are advocates and ambassadors for our programs in the fine arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Highly valued, they help to strengthen our academic and outreach programs, raise the profile of the college in the community and among graduates and professional organizations, and nurture a supportive network of collaborative partnerships.

  • The group meets several times a year. Informal and enjoyable, the meetings acquaint members with our programs and people — especially our students.
  • Council members receive VIP invitations to special events, many of which feature outstanding performances, lectures, and other appealing programs.
  • Members are encouraged to support the college with annual gifts.
  • Some members of the Advancement Council are also members of a new and smaller Dean's Advisory Board has been created to provide direct input to Interim Dean Linda Subich. Members of the Dean's Advisory Board are invited to share their ideas on how to effectively represent the varied interests within our large college, prepare students for productive careers, collaborate with public and private sector partners, increase support for the college, strengthen and develop centers of excellence, and leverage the respective talents of members to nurture networking opportunities among departments and external communities.

Interested in joining? Contact the Development Office at 330-972-7238.