To ensure campus safety, the BCAS advising office will be advising students remotely. 

"Walk-in" Advising: Spring 2021

Have a quick question? Call (330) 972-7880 during walk-in times to speak to an Academic Adviser. *All School of Education Advising is done by appointment only .

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday Walk-ins: 9:00am-10:45am
  • Tuesday/Thursday Walk-ins: 2:00pm- 3:45pm

Appointments: Spring 2021

Remote 30-minute appointments can be scheduled for all other times by calling the BCAS advising office at (330) 972-7880 or scheduled online through the links below.

Students requiring appointments for the completion of ROTC 104-R forms must call (330) 972-7880 to schedule an appointment.

To book an advising appointment online, find the area of your major or minor below and click the scheduling link of the corresponding adviser. If you are unsure you can also check your My Akron account for details on your assigned advisor.

Please consult with the offices listed below if your concerns are related to any of the following issues: 

When you meet with your adviser, you should prepare for the meeting by: 

  • Reviewing your Degree Progress Report which can be found in your My Akron.
    • if possible having access/viewing your DPR during the appointment can be helpful
  • Prepare a list of questions you want to ask

Important Dates:

  • Last date to add a course (with instructor, adviser and dean's signature)
  • Last day to drop a course (without a WD)
  • Find those dates and more here 

Ms. Julia Oliver 

Book an appointment here

  • Psychology (Last Names A-K)
  • Organizational Supervision (Last Names A-K)
  • Associate degrees (Last Names A-K)
    • Arts
    • Science
    • Technical Studies
  • Arts & Sciences Exploratory (Last Names A-K)

Ms. Gayle Bruno-Gannon

Book an appointment here

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies (Last Names A-K)
  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis (Last Names A-K)
  • Associates of Criminal Justice Studies (Last Names A-K)
  • Political Science (Last Names A-K)
  • Political Science-National Security (Last Names A-K)
  • Political Science-JD Accelerated (Last Names A-K)
  • History (Last Names A-K)
  • Philosophy (Last Names A-K)
  • Humanities Divisional (Last Names A-K)

Dr. Sophie Kus

Book an appointment here

  • Biology (Last Names A-K)
  • Biomedical Science (Last Names A-K)
  • Mathematics (Last Names A-K)
  • Statistics (Last Names A-K)
  • Chemistry (Last Names A-K)
  • Geosciences (Last Names A-K)
  • Physics (Last Names A-K)

Ms. Emily Campbell

Book an appointment here

  • Communication
  • English

Ms. Katie Timperio

Book an appointment here

  • Art
  • Art Education
  • Graphic Design
  • Anthropology

Dr. Sandie Crawford

Please call 330-972-7880 to Book an appointment 

  • School of Education

Mr. Terry Vance 

Book an appointment here

  • Psychology (Last Names L-Z)
  • Organizational Supervision (Last Names L-Z)
  • Associate degrees (Last Names L-Z)
    • Arts
    • Science 
    • Technical Studies
  • Arts & Sciences Exploratory (Last Names L-Z)

Ms. Amy Wolfe

Book an appointment here

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies (Last Names L-Z)
  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis (Last Names L-Z)
  • Associates of Criminal Justice Studies (Last Names L-Z)
  • Political Science (Last Names L-Z)
  • Political Science-National Security (Last Names L-Z)
  • Political Science-JD Accelerated (Last Names L-Z)
  • History (Last Names L-Z)
  • Philosophy (Last Names L-Z)
  • Humanities Divisional (Last Names L-Z)

Mr. Adam Sarata

Book an appointment here

  • Biology (Last Names L-Z)
  • Biomedical Science (Last Names L-Z)
  • Mathematics (Last Names L-Z)
  • Statistics (Last Names L-Z)
  • Chemistry (Last Names L-Z)
  • Geosciences (Last Names L-Z)
  • Physics (Last Names L-Z)

Dr. Kevin Lewis

Book an appointment here

  • Interior Design
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Modern Languages
  • Music
  • Music Education
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Sociology
  • Social Science Divisional (PPE & PSP)