Biology Clubs and Organizations

Minority Association of Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Students

To provide underrepresented pre-med/pre-health students with knowledge and experiences that are both beneficial and applicable to their professional participation in health care fields and that will produce competitive well- rounded candidates for medical school or other professional health related programs.

For more information and to contact the Minority Association of Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Students, visit its Presence page.

Neuroscience Club

The Neuroscience Club includes a group of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the university that have a passion for neuroscience. The primary purpose of this organization is to expand its members’ knowledge of the field of neuroscience. This includes expanding the knowledge of its members and the community in diseases connected to the function of the nervous system, research methods in neuroscience, research opportunity in neuroscience, and careers that involve neuroscience through organized interactive events. The club has set goals to better inform the on-campus and neighboring community about both the subject of neuroscience as well as neuroscience-related careers. These goals include hosting a number of neuroscience related activities, neuroscience-themed seminar series and on-campus neuroscience activities, hosted by the Neuroscience Club every semester. To reach out to the off-campus community, a community service project or community event will be held every semester. This organization will enhance students’ ability to build relationships with individuals who possess a similar interest in neuroscience. Finally, The Neuroscience Club will promote professional and career development that will enrich the academic and social environment at The University of Akron.

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Pre-Physician Assistant Club

The Pre-PA club aims to provide a resource for pre-PA students to come together and ensure they are on the right track for pre-admission requirements. Along with exploring options for master's programs, the application process, healthcare experience opportunities, shadowing, and volunteering. We hope to educate members about the history, basis of the profession, and health care system itself.

Our organization will plan events that will prepare us for the world of health care along with making sure we are application ready. Some of these include speaking panels, mentoring PAs, meet and greet seminars, school/program tours, CASPA seminars, GRE practice, personal statement workshops, suture clinics, basic first aid training, blood drives, relay for life events, socials, and fundraisers.

For more information and to contact the Pre-PA Club, visit its Presence page.

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Phi Delta Epsilon (Pre-Med Fraternity

Phi Delta Epsilon is the largest organization of pre-medical students at the University of Akron. We are a co-ed group of pre-professionals who meet weekly on campus. Our goal is to foster a community of competent, compassionate and informed pre-medical students whom are formidable applicants to medical education programs, while having fun along the way. Each semester, we host a variety of social, professional and educational events to help all members succeed on their path to becoming a physician, while making connections with other like-minded, driven individuals. We conduct a recruitment campaign at the beginning of each semester, and are always looking for new members that exemplify our ideals and mission. If you are looking for a close-knit student group that is serious about medicine and enjoying the journey, we would love to get to know you! Please contact us at with any questions, and watch out for our recruitment advertisements in the upcoming semester!

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For more information and to contact Phi Delta Epsilon, visit its Presence page.

Pre-Dental Club

The purpose of the Pre-Dental Club is to educate students on the dental profession, help them with the dental school application process including DAT preparation, letters of recommendation, personal statements, etc., volunteer (i.e.teaching kids about dental hygiene), meet with admissions counselors from Ohio's dental schools, and visit those schools on their Pre-Dent Days.

For more information and to contact the Pre-Dental Club, visit its Presence page.

Pre-Optometry Club

Pre-Optometry Club is for students interested in the field of optometry. Optometry is a healthcare profession that centers around eye care, vision, visual processing, and visual systems. Pre-Optometry Club is an opportunity for interested students to learn about the field of optometry and connect with fellow Pre-Optometry students. In this club, we review prerequisites and steps needed in order for admission into optometry school, learn about advances in the field, visit optometry schools, offer advice and review for the OAT, and attend conferences associated with optometry.

For more information and to contact the Pre-Optometry Club, visit its Presence page.

Pre-Vet Club

The main goal of this club is to prepare and inform students looking to apply to veterinary graduate school. This includes visiting veterinary schools, preparing for the GRE, and learning what it truly takes to be a competitive applicant. For anyone interested in the animal field this is a great way to get involved and share an environment with fellow animal lovers!

For more information and to contact the Pre-Vet Club, visit its Presence page.

Biological Anthropology & Human Anatomy Club (BAHA)

Biological Anthropology and Human Anatomy Club (BAHA) aims to provide learning resources and an academic community for undergraduate and graduate students interested in human anatomy and/or biological anthropology. Presentations lead by professionals, outreach specific to our academic interests, peer mentorship, and group learning exercises provide opportunities for members to gain a network of professionals and peers. Past events have included talks with forensic identification specialists from the U.S. and Canada, group presentations about anthropology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and anatomy trivia games. Students of all skill levels and majors are welcome!

Join us to have an osteo-BLAST!

For more information and to contact BAHA, visit its Presence page.

Urban Agriculture and Beekeeping Club

The Urban Agriculture and Beekeeping Club is an interactive and educational student-run group at UAkron. Using sustainable practices, we work to keep honeybees, grow produce for the campus cupboard, and learn/care for greenhouse grown plants. We work collaboratively as a mixed group of graduate and undergraduate students to foster a welcoming workspace where students can learn, work together, and get their hands dirty!

For more information and to contact the Urban Agriculture and Beekeeping Club, visit its Presence page.

Biology Graduate Student Organization

The Biology Graduate Student Organization is open to all graduate students currently enrolled in the Integrated Bioscience PhD or Biology Master's programs. This group offers the ability to foster co-work and collaboration, socialization, and sharing of ideas and resources with each other across departments, labs, and disciplines. 
For more information and to contact the Biology Graduate Student Organization, visit its Presence page.