Pre-Med Track at The University of Akron

NEW:  'Early Assurance Pathway' Program (Formerly BS/MD)

The Biology Department has added a specific Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences, starting in the Fall of 2017.  This degree guides students through the appropriate coursework to ensure maximal success on the MCAT as well as preparing students to do well in medical school, generally.   Please check out the curriculum guide for this new program, as well as a semester-by-semester guide of the new Biomedical Sciences degree.

The University of Akron is an excellent choice for pre-med students because:

  1. We have an excellent suite of courses, inside and outside of Biology, that well prepares students for the MCAT and medical school generally.
  2. The University of Akron offers several experiential learning opportunities for students with medical interests.
    1. The University of Akron is located near four local hospitals:
      1. Akron General Hospital (Cleveland Clinic associate)
      2. Akron Children’s Hospital
      3. Summa Health System, including Akron City Hospital and St. Thomas Hospital
    2. The Integrated Bioscience program is partnering with Cleveland Clinic offering research opportunities at the Lerner Research Institute.
    3. The new Tiered Mentoring Program offers pre-med students easy access to research opportunities in the labs of UA faculty.  Tiered Mentoring students are paired with a graduate student, a faculty mentor and tiered mentoring student from the previous year to conduct original research in the research group of a particular faculty member.  Students in this program are chosen at the end of their freshman year or as sophomores and are encouraged to stay involved with the program for a minimum of two years. Such long-term research experience increases one's odds of getting into medical schools.
  3. The University of Akron has a partnership with NEOMED that allows up to 35 UA students per year into NEOMED’s medical school. There are currently two pathways by which students can enter NEOMED, which includes these 35 UA slots plus a “traditional” pathway for pre-med students.
  4. Outside of applying for NEOMED, you can also apply to other medical schools in Ohio or elsewhere. Graduates of The University of Akron have been accepted to medical schools around the country. Our premed curriculum prepares students well for medical school and the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), a requirement for admission to all MD programs.                                           

If you are interested in attending medical school, the University of Akron can help you achieve your aspirations in healthcare. For more information about the new pathway program, please contact Ashley Rini (330-972-6513 or