The Department of Biology at The University of Akron

Bachelor's degree in Biology

Biologists study the processes fundamental to all forms of life. We strive to answer questions that create, effect or alter life forms. Our degree program is designed to expose you to a broad base of biological knowledge and skills, provide depth of experience in advanced topics including hands-on research and to develop competence in scientific disciplines.

See also: Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science


Our biology core courses provide the fundamentals of traditional and modern biology which includes: principles of biology, evolution, ecology, cell and molecular biology, and genetics.

We cross boundaries between disciplines, so you can examine bio-based problems using techniques and ideas drawn from chemistry, engineering, geosciences, computer science and more. This cutting-edge approach forms the basis for much of our teaching, as many courses offer hands-on training and a multidisciplinary methodology.

Our Faculty

  • Are innovative and interactive in both the classroom and laboratory environment
  • Have been recognized with numerous teaching awards
  • Use multimedia technology, inquiry-based teaching and research experiences to enhance classroom learning


Real experience brings the classroom to life

UA Field Station: UA's own living laboratory for environmental research

  • 411 acres of terrestrial ecology, uniquely situated near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
  • Center for long-term research emphasizing habitat restoration and terrestrial ecology.
  • Support education programs of local schools and promote environmental awareness in the community.

Study Abroad: Offered most semesters, these short-term study abroad trips are led by world-class faculty.

  • Gain greater skills outside of the comfort of campus with rewarding hands-on experience.
  • Gain context for why you learn what you learn and apply it outside of the classroom.
  • Help faculty researchers who are working to unlock the mysteries of biology in real time.
  • Watch our video above to hear what Tropical Zoology in Tahiti was like!

Undergraduate work opportunities:


As an undergrad you will get to do real research with world class faculty and graduate students at UA.

Tiered Mentoring Program:

The Tiered Mentoring Program offers biology students easy access to research opportunities in the labs of UA faculty as an undergraduate.

  • Tiered Mentoring students are paired with a graduate student, a faculty mentor and tiered mentoring student from the previous year to conduct original research in the research group of a particular faculty member.
  • You are chosen at the end of your freshman year or as sophomores and are encouraged to stay involved with the program for a minimum of two years.

Labs and facilities:

  • Live-animal facility and new teaching and research laboratories
  • Molecular genetics facility
  • Advanced microscopy suite
  • 400-acre nature preserve and field station with a mixture of habitats

Research resources:

Biology Advising

Adam Sarata, Academic Advisor II
College of Arts and Sciences

Natalie Demetro, Academic Advisor II
College of Arts and Sciences