Student Testimonials

"Hi Zips! My name is Elena Vukovic, and I am a Biomedical Science major. I’m so thankful that my major falls within the Biology Department because I have found so many helpful staff members and resources in the department. Biomedical Science is a perfect major for me, and it fulfills all the requirements needed for the NEOMED Early Assurance Program. The courses required in my major are extremely demanding, but I have found a great support system in fellow classmates and faculty. Be sure to stop me on campus and ask any questions that you might have about the Biology Department!" - Elena Vukovic, Biomedical Science, and current Biology Ambassador 🦘

"I'm a third-year biomedical science major planning on graduating in December 2022. I chose The University of Akron, mainly because of the Early Assurance Program with NEOMED, I also enjoyed the urban environment of the campus. One of my favorite bio professors has to be Dr. Jordan Renna. I took his Neuroscience class, and it was definitely one of my favorites. It really piqued my interest in a neurology career. My favorite thing about the biology department, besides the professors, is the Nephrology research opportunity that I had through Nationwide Children’s Hospital!" - Lena Sawalha, Biomedical Science 2022 and current Biology Ambassador

"My name is Mason Doerrer. I am a sophomore in a Biomedical Science. I decided to choose this degree, because it has many biology and chemistry credits which was what I was interested in, while allowing me not to take a language. I also found that it will help me get into medical school by meeting all the required courses and preparing me for the MCAT. One of the advantages to being in the biology department is that there are so many opportunities to get involved in research that you are interested in. Not only can you find something interesting, but also something field applicable that will help you in the future. My favorite biology class so far has been Genetics because it allowed us to really look at current events such as Covid 19 and predict and observe the changes happening with the virus making it very applicable. Advice I would give to incoming students are get involved in as many organizations and research early as you can take with the course load, because it will allow you to really find what you like to do and open doors for harder research." - Mason Doerrer, BioMedical Science Student, and current Biology Ambassador

"I have always been interested in natural sciences. Coupled with the awesome graduate schools we have in the area; UA makes clear sense due to its educational excellence and representative culture. The tiered mentoring research approach also gives significance to my decision. The Biology program in general is so innovative and rewarding, not only because of the faculty and professors, but also because of your fellow students and research opportunities. Every aspect of the Biology department tends to excel their students in the intellectual, professional direction. Dr. Bagatto runs a fascinating research lab and although he can be tough, he understands the struggle of current college students as it relates to time management and preparation and tries to help us correct/learn from it." - Reid Schuchter, Biology 2023, and current Biology Ambassador

"Choosing the University of Akron is one of the best decisions I have made. The professors are very supportive and helpful, and the student population is very welcoming. I came to UA for their Biomedical Science program and pre-med community. I joined the pre-med learning community during my freshman year, and I feel that it has contributed to my success at the university. I was able to develop strong friendships with other members and work together toward a common goal. As I finish up my senior year, I feel prepared to apply to medical school with all the skills the department has taught me." - Sri Krishna Gayatri Srinivasa, BioMed Student

"After deciding to go into the medical field, I began my college search process. UA immediately stood out to me due to the biology faculty and staff, quality academic pathways, and research/internship opportunities. I get to take remarkable classes such as parasitology, genetics, and physiology. I also have access to a multitude of scholarships just for biology students! I love being a Biomedical Science student at UA and am confident that the lifelong friendships and skills I have gained while being here will stay with me forever."- Allison Calderone, BioMed Student

"I chose The University of Akron not just because of the proximity from my home, but due to the great feedback of past students. I know people who have gone to Akron and recommended the University with positive things to say. Another reason going to this University was in my favor was the known biology programs. This was ultimately what convinced me to go to Akron, as I intended to major in Biomedical Science. I enjoy the program for its grasp on the subject and the staff's ability to teach the students. Not only in the lectures, but the labs allow students to fully indulge in every aspect of biology, whether it be genetics, physiology, etc. If you are a student coming to the University of Akron, I highly recommend pushing your lane of comfortability and opening with questions and curiosity. It's okay to be scared to ask questions, and it's okay to not know everything. But if you don't make that step, then you may not reach your full potential. Part of the journey is through learning and asking questions. And the staff is willing to help you with open arms." - Mya Musa, Biomedical Science Undergrad

"The biology program has given me different tools to explore the field of biology and pursue my career. With internships and job opportunities constantly being shared, I feel The University of Akron has always provided an encouraging atmosphere. I’ve been able to connect with other students, striving towards our career with each other’s support!" - Julia Xiong, Biology Student

"The University of Akron has provided me countless opportunities, especially ones that relate to my major, Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Med). I joined the Pre-Health learning community upon admission, and it has been more than beneficial to my success thus far. The advising and community members are amazing, and my experiences have prepared me for medical school and led to many lifelong friendships. We study together and take all the same courses and help each other succeed. The collaborative aspect of college is very important, and the biology department more than facilitates success with great instructors and useful labs. I feel prepared for medical school as I complete the interview portion of the Early Assurance Program to NEOMED, and the department helped make me a competitive applicant for the assured seat at NEOMED" - Jackson Macatol

"As a senior biomedical science student, I have made my way through entry-level classes and higher-level biology courses and the faculty never fails to be amazing. This department would not be what it is without the faculty. Despite being told in high school that you are just a number in college lecture halls, the professors here have become my close mentors, teachers, and friends. Without this close relationship with faculty, I would have been unable to join a research lab, get into medical school, or be involved in many other professional development opportunities. I consider it a privilege to work and learn under these amazing people and could not be more thrilled to soon be an alumnus of this amazing program!" - Alison Ruf, Biomedical Science Senior

"My name is Sonia Achaleke and I am a senior majoring in Biology. I chose The University of Akron because it offered me the opportunity to go to college without having to take out any student loans and graduate college in three years. The professors care about their students and want to see them succeed. The things I've learned have prepared me to apply to medical school but also helped me integrate the material to my daily life!" - Sonia Achaleke, Biology Major