Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management offers specialized and practical course experience with options in restaurant management, hotel and lodging operations, and culinary arts.

Training is focused on helping students to develop their own operational systems and management structure to broaden their career base in the highly interrelated fields within the hospitality industry.

To get real-world experience, students in the hospitality management program work in the 70-seat Crystal Room Bistro, located in Gallucci Hall on campus and open to the public. The bistro is an integral part of the program. We look forward to welcoming you there.

Download the Hospitality Management Information Sheet.

We offer the following educational pathways to our students:

Associate Degrees



Minor degrees will be awarded only at the time a student receives a baccalaureate degree and only if the overall GPA for the minor courses is at least 2.0

Program goals

The mission of the Hospitality Management Program is to prepare professionally responsible and competent individuals to lead others who will make meaningful contributions to the hospitality industry, their communities and develop a global perspective. Crystal Room Dining

Goals of the Hospitality Management Program include:

  1. Critical Thinking – Provide students with an educational environment that encourages critical thinking and problem solving so that active and integrated learning may occur.
  2. Communication Skills – Enhance and accelerate the development of students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills.
  3. Technology – Provide programs that promote the understanding, application, and the use of current technology.
  4. Workforce Preparation – Provide educational programs through which students can obtain knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to begin or continue their career and professionally compete in a global marketplace.
  5. Ethics / Citizenship – Encourage ethical decision making through responsible action toward peers, the university, the community, environmental issues and multicultural understanding.
  6. Diversity – Promote diversity by enabling all individuals regardless of age, economic status, disability or ethnic background to meet their intended educational objectives.
  7. Teaching – Use methods that accommodate student differences in learning abilities, style, aptitude, and background.
  8. Assessment – Review, evaluate, and update program goals, outcomes, and program curriculum continuously.
  9. Student Retention – Create an atmosphere that fosters student retention and progress toward completion of their academic programs.

Recent employers

  • Walt Disney World
  • Westfield Country Club
  • Portage Country Club
  • Sheraton Suites
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Crave
  • Palotta Pastries


See our recent appearence on Fox 8 News in Cleveland.

Our student-run television station stopped by the Crystal Room.

Our student run television station stopped by Crystal Room Bistro

Hospitality Club & Garde Manger Club

Testimonials from our alumni

Michael Bennett (1987)
General Manager, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Cincinnati

The reason I chose UA was the emphasis on hands on experience along with classroom lectures . . . teachers provided personalized mentorship and had my best interest in mind. Because of the program, I started with Marriott Hotels as cook and moved up the rank to management positions. In 1995, I was appointed General Manager at the Radisson in Cleveland and held the GM role for various major brands including Hilton, Sheraton, and Hyatt.

Aaron Costic (1991)
Owner, Elegant Ice Creations

Twenty-eight years ago, I entered the Hospitality Management Program at the University of Akron with the intentions of becoming a chef. It was Chef Richard Alford who nurtured and mentored me, and I found my path as an ice carver. Chef Alford is a big part of my success.

(Mr. Costic is an internationally-recognized ice carver and winner of 7 first place, 7 second place, and 3 third place finishes at the World Championships. He participated in the Winter Cultural Olympic Games in Italty, Utah, and Japan, earning a gold medal in Nagano.)

Claudia Diaz de Machado (2015)
Corporate Chef Manager with AVI Foodsystems

The Hospitality Management Program at the University of Akron empowered me with the knowledge, tools and personal connections necessary to succeed in food service industry. I was able to study near home and materialize my dream of becoming a chef. Knowing the right people will open many doors but it is the knowledge, attitude and aptitude that will be solid ground when the inevitable changes happen.

Michael Berkowitz (2008)
Assistant General Manager-Food & Beverage, Urban Farmer Cleveland and Westin Cleveland Downtown

The Hospitality Management Program proved to be beneficial to me in particular because of its extreme hands on approach. Classes were small which led to more “facetime” with the instructors ….. helping me gain the knowledge and experience to be ready for the field. The Hospitality Management Program helped with introductions to industry leaders and the connections they have.

Hannah Hall (2016)
Guest Service Representative
, Courtyard by Marriott

Being a part of the Hospitality Management Program was an awesome experience. My classes were small and I was able to actively participate and learn. The program gave me many opportunities to network and develop contacts and relationships with professionals in the industry.I gained leadership and team building experience through my participation in the Hospitality Club and the Culinary Artist Club. I walked away from the program with more than just a degree.

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