Department of Business and Information Technology
College of Applied Science and Technology

Department of Business and Information Technology Programs

The Department of Business and Information Technology offers degrees and certificates in the following four programs:

Business Management Technology

Offering associate degrees, certificates, and a minor, the Business Management Technology program provides a comprehensive education and practical hands-on training for beginning management or supervisory-level positions in business, industry or self-employed management. The Business Management Technology program also offers a Bachelor of Organizational Supervision degree, a unique program specifically designed for students who have already earned an associate degree or have completed college courses totaling 60 or more credit hours.

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Bachelor of Organization Supervision degree

Computer Information Systems (CIS)

The CIS program offers high-level education and training for IT professionals, programmers, and microcomputer application specialists. Courses start students along the path for professional certifications, as well as several degree options, minors, and certificates. Taught in cutting-edge computer labs, CIS courses help students to learn and practice skills. Open labs and wireless access are available as well at the University. Students also may take an internship class, providing them with real-world experience.

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Hospitality Management

The Hospital Management program prepares students for one of the largest and most vibrant industries in the world, encompassing hotels, lodging, resorts, food and beverage operations, clubs, casinos, cruise lines, airlines, entertainment, and leisure options. Global in scope, the hospitality industry provides career opportunities for individuals with varied skills and interests in such areas as special event planning, food preparation, IT, human resources, marketing, accounting, finance, engineering, security, and entertainment.

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Marketing and Sales Technology

The Marketing and Sales Technology program equips students with the technical skills required to fill entry-level positions in distributed business areas, such as retailing, sales, industrial distribution, and fashion.

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