Distance Learning for Post-Secondary Students

The Bliss Institute and the Department of Political Science offer a unique opportunity for high school students to study politics at the University of Akron while also attending high school courses. This post-secondary option is available to all high school students in Ohio; however, several districts in the state have distance learning facilities within their high school buildings.

There are many advantage to Post-Secondary students:

  • United States Government class is required of every high school student in Ohio.

  • 3700: 100 Government and Politics in the U.S. plus 3 additional credits fulfill this requirement and counts toward 7 college general education requirements.

  • In most cases there is no cost to the student for the course credits and materials.

  • Distance learning offers quality university instruction without the travel; this allows high school students to remain in their home schools, keep regular senior and junior year schedules, and avoid a lengthy commute.

  • For more information on the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program, click here. All interested students should speak with a guidance counselor in their high school to make certain of the requirements for graduation.
Some of the local high schools offering distance learning to Post-Secondary students:
Barberton High School
Black River High School
Brunswick High School
Buckeye High School
Central Hower High School
Cloverleaf High School
Highland High School
Medina Senior High School
Springfield High School
Wadsworth High School