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The University of Akron, in conjunction with the Department of Political Science and the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, use state of the art technology to provide high quality instruction to students beyond the traditional classroom. Courses are taught using live video conferencing equipment and a variety of web programs and multimedia tools.

Students meet at the same time in specially equipped classrooms in one of several designated sites, including facilities at Columbus State Community College in Columbus, Ohio. Students and instructors can communicate using live television monitors and microphones. The instructor may lecture, lead discussion, and engage students in an activity much like in a traditional, face-to-face classroom.

Distance learning is especially convenient for students who are unable to travel to the Akron campus to attend courses because of job responsibilities, family obligations, locations constraints, or other time commitments.

How Do I Get Started?

Individuals interested in applying to the Certificate program, or in taking courses on a trial basis, should contact the Bliss Institute. Admission is open to students who meet the requirements set forth by The University of Akron and the Department of Political Science.

What is Distance Learning?

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Information for Prospective Students

Politics today, like most areas of our society, demand more skills and specialization in order to link political leaders with the public.  Likewise, the men and women who run political campaigns, contact public officials, and debate issues while holding jobs and raising families are critical to the future of this country.  In response to this need for specialized training for busy professionals and students of Political Science, the Bliss Institute and the Department of Political Science present an Applied Politics Distance Learning Program.

This program is one of the few professional programs in the United States focusing on practical politics and effots to influence political decisions, including winning elections, influencing legislation, and strengthening political organizations.

Furthermore, the University of Akron offers the only applied politics program available through distance learning.

We offer both an Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.