The University of Akron’s Masters of Applied Politics (MAP) degree is one of the nation’s leading graduate programs focusing on practical politics. It is designed for students interested in election campaigns, lobbying, managing political organizations and other political positions. In addition, The University of Akron offers one of the most affordable tuition rates for a professional masters degree.

The MAP program consists of a group of students from Northeast Ohio, Columbus, OH and Oklahoma City, OK, starting at the same time and completing the program together. This format provides a team environment that is conducive to learning and building professional connections from multiple communities. Next cohort begins August 2020.

Program features include:

  • Complete your MAP in 25 months.
  • Learning politics with students in different locations.
  • Introductory course: a Campaign Management five day intensive “boot camp” on the Akron campus during the first week of August. Emphasis is on interaction with students from all three sub-cohorts.
  • One 100% online course and one live video conference course in each semester.
  • The program ends with a second five-day intensive course with students presenting their capstone projects and sharing future plans.
  • For student convenience, the class schedule is established in advance, and our staff handles all course registration needs.
  • A guaranteed single program fee which includes tuition, program fees and room and meals when in Akron.

Admission Requirements

Admission is open to students who have completed a four-year undergraduate degree and who fulfill the admission requirements of the Graduate School. No specific field of undergraduate major is required for admission to the MAP program—all that is needed is an interest in practical politics.

Students need to submit two letters of recommendation, a statement of personal goals, and official transcripts from all universities attended with their application. The GRE is not required.

Tuition and fees

Each student’s cost will vary depending on the financial aid for which they qualify. The guaranteed program fee includes tuition, fees, room and meals while in Akron for the opening and closing courses. The guaranteed single fee for the program is $ 26,700 payable over seven semesters of approximately $3,900 per semester.

For more information

Please contact The Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at 330-972-5182 or