Search for the 16th President of The University of Akron

Search for the 16th President of The University of Akron

2013 UA Presidential Search Update:

Current Applications Under Review

Following the same rule-prescribed procedure used in the search that resulted in the selection of Dr. Proenza in 1998, the Board as the search committee is working with its search firm to identify and generate nominations and applications of highly desirable potential candidates. The Board is reviewing current applications (list being updated regularly) and will invite to campus as finalists those deemed to be well qualified to lead The University of Akron as its next president. Each of the constituency-advisory groups will be provided an opportunity to meet with each finalist and, through a representative, to provide input to the search committee. The search committee has not established any set number of finalist candidates. Applications and nominations will be accepted until the position is filled. 

Presidential Search Progress to Date

At its August 7, 2013 meeting, The University of Akron’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved President Luis M. Proenza’s proposed transition plan to complete his presidency on June 30, 2014. The full Board of Trustees is serving as the presidential search committee, with opportunity for substantial input from various campus constituencies, in accord with University Rule 3359-1-05.

The Presidential Advisory and Screening Committee consists of four voting Trustees, led by Board Vice Chair Jonathan T. Pavloff.  During September and October, that committee discussed the criteria for selecting a new president with representatives of community leaders and the University’s deans, department chairs, Faculty Senate/Akron-AAUP, students, senior administration and Contract Professional Advisory Committee/Staff Employee Advisory Committee. The Presidential Advisory and Screening Committee also worked with the University’s Purchasing Department to issue Request for Proposal No. 2013-9-1822 seeking firms interested in assisting in the national search for a new president. On November 18, 2013, the Board chose R. William Funk & Associates and subsequently engaged the firm on a fixed retainer fee of $120,000 plus expenses. Expenses include direct, out-of-pocket expenditures incurred on the institution’s behalf, as well as administrative and support expenses (10 percent of the retainer). The complete contract is available online. At the December 11 Board of Trustees meeting, the Committee announced it had begun the process to advertise and accept nominations or applications for the next president of The University of Akron. A national advertisement began appearing in publications on December 20. A Presidential Leadership Statement for The University of Akron was posted with other online candidate resources.

The Presidential Transition Committee, comprised of three Trustees including its Chair and Board Vice Chair Nicholas C. York, is charged with ensuring a smooth leadership transition, coordinating the recognition and celebration of Dr. Proenza’s many accomplishments during his presidency, and providing regular communication on transition issues to the campus and community.

At its regular meeting on December 11, the Board approved revisions to University Rule 3359-1-05 “President of the University” to correct and update language and to add the Contract Professional Advisory Committee and Staff Employee Advisory Committee to the constituency/advisory groups.

As the search progresses, this site will be updated. Previous update articles are available here.

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The University of Akron’s Presidential Search Framework at a Glance

The entire board of trustees constitutes the presidential search committee and follows a prescribed process to conduct a national search and involve appropriate constituencies. See flow chart.

Additional Detail:
The chairperson of the board names four voting trustees as a presidential advisory and screening committee with the following responsibilities:

  1. To make initial and ongoing recommendations to the search committee regarding the criteria, process, and scheduling for the search for the president;
  2. To recommend executive search firms for consideration by the search committee;
  3. To receive applications and nominations on behalf of the search committee;
  4. To conduct first-level screening for candidates and make recommendations to the search committee;  and
  5. To conduct those activities related to the search as may be assigned by the Chairperson of the search committee.

Seven representative constituency and advisory groups (see sidebar) are involved at the search at the following two critical points:

  1. Prior to the invitation for nominations or applications of candidates, the groups will meet with the presidential advisory and screening committee to discuss the proposed criteria, process and scheduling for the search process.
  2. Prior to the selection of the president, each of the groups will be provided an opportunity to meet with the finalists during campus visits and to provide input to the Board.

The seven representative constituency and advisory groups are comprised as follows:

  1. The deans of the University’s degree-granting colleges;
  2. Five elected members from the academic department chairs and directors of schools;
  3. Six elected members, three each, from Faculty Senate and Akron-AAUP;
  4. The nine vice presidents of the University, as well as the head of human resources and the director of affirmative action/EEO officer;
  5. Three student representatives—the president of Undergraduate Student Government, the president of Graduate Student Government and the president of the Student Bar Association; and
  6. A group of community leaders, including the president of the University’s Alumni Association Board and other significant University supporters, selected by the Presidential Advisory and Screening Committee; and
  7. Six elected members, three each, from the Contract Professional Advisory Committee and the Staff Employee Advisory Committee.

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