Derek Schwarz


PolyOne Corporation


I am a native of Northeast Ohio, reared in the heart of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Upon graduating from Hudson High School, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree close to home at the College of Wooster. It was there I worked with E. coli to elucidate a therapeutic target for B. pertussis. Through this work, I realized the robust nature of such simple organisms, and hypothesized how their systems could be modeled in a practical sense.

Unwilling to escape from Ohio for higher education, I decided to attend The University of Akron, in hopes of earning a Ph.D. in Polymer Science. During my second year, I was blessed with the opportunity to bring my biomimicry expertise to PolyOne, a global leader in innovative polymer materials, services and solutions, on a project to be determined.

Outside of the University, I enjoy cooking multi-course meals for friends and family, and being a volunteer landscaper for those desperate enough to trust me with a pair of hedge trimmers.