Hope Zimmerman


US Endoscopy


I am a new Biomimicry Fellow in the Integrated Biosciences PhD Program at The University of Akron. After completing my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering here, I choose to endure five more Ohio winters to work with US Endoscopy and to study biomechanics and robotics with Dr. Henry Astley. I chose this course of study for its versatility and appreciation of multiple perspectives, even though I have to catch up on a bit of the biology know-how.

As for my research interests, I’m fairly sure I will be working to study an animal and mechanically model one of its processes, with specifics to be determined as my studies progress. I may stick with the theme of locomotion, or I may investigate their controls or structures for different functionalities. Last year, I worked with Dr. Astley and my senior undergraduate design team to investigate the heat transfer of a Dimetrodon sail. I look forward to finding a focus area for my PhD research.